11 January 2006

Corporate Citizenship, give them rights and responsibilities!

It is interesting that legally, corporations can be thought of as individuals or citizens.

This is a wonderful bit of legal fiction which I would propose to expand upon! Really make a corporation a citizen!

How would a corporation qualify for this? Well, obviously, it would have to be incorporated within the United States and have its Headquarters and all governing meetings within the United States. Its CEO and/or governing board must all be US citizens. For doing this, what does it get?

  • First, it gets the franchise! It gets a single vote in the district where its headquarters is located!
  • Second, it gets all restrictions upon individuals for campaign finance donations placed upon it, along with the reporting requirements of campaigns to report them.
  • Third, it gets the income tax and eliminates the corporate tax code!
Now, because corporations can be so long-lived, they do need one little thing to keep them in line.
  • Three-strikes law for corporations. If any corporation, its governing body or anyone acting in capacity of that corporation gets convicted of a felony while in such capacity, that is also considered a single strike against that corporation. After three strikes, the corporation is dissolved *entirely* and it may not be re-incorporated in any manner after it is dis-corporated. All holdings, goods, intellectual property and other items are sold at auction with the shares going to pay off all corporate debt, first, then the remainder divided amongst shareholders *exluding* the board and CEO and all governing individuals within that corporation. This would be put in place for all felony proceedings started after the imposition of this law.
Of course this will never go anywhere... but... mmmmmmm... large corporations would have to get serious about its wrong doings and a simple three felony of the "slap on the wrist in club-fed" kind becomes a death sentence for the corporation. That should soon get us 'responsible' corporations that take their viewpoints on citizenship and social responsibility seriously.

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