27 January 2006

A Note to Presidente Fox

Dear Presidente Fox,

It has been noted that your Federal Military has been present on American soil without being invited, and not in hot pursuit of criminals or wrongdoers. Now you are claiming that these are 'impostors', so I presume that you will find them and extradite them to the US for illegal entry and inciting a Casus Belli? And perhaps, just perhaps, this was all caught on videotape, and you will have a *very* good explanation for this if the forces seen are *not* impostors.

Your Federal Military has actually been aiding and abetting criminal entry into the United States through map distribution.

Also note that criminals have been making tunnels into United States territory with little help from your side in actually stopping them. Some would characterize this as turning a 'blind-eye' to the situation.

I am sure you have *very* good excuses and reasons for all of this! However if this list is looked at as a whole with foreign forces causing a Casus Belli, aiding and abetting criminal behavior against a Sovereign State that you have Diplomatic relations with and having Mexican Federal Forces not policing the border and stopping tunneling... this is not good, Mr. Fox.

Not good at all.

One would think you were asking for a conflict with the United States.

An *armed* conflict.

Be so good as to exercise your diplomatic corps, keep some order on your side of the borders and generally act as a good neighbor. I am quite sure that a fence or two may be going up from the US side to help you in this. Similar has done wonders in Israel.

And you may want to look at latest US activity in Pakistan. Targeting areas with weapons. At night. We have *manned* aircraft that do much better in the Air Reserve. They have not been deployed to halt these activities.


Sincerely, I hope for continued good relations between our two States in the northern hemisphere of the Western world.

A Jacksonian

Addendum - 03 MAR 2006 - And a really, really good explanation for Mexican Federal Agents landing in Texas would also be appreciated, Mr. Fox. As these are Federal Agents, I can only assume that you sent them or are responsible for sending them. In another era this would be a Casus Belli, and, in fact, we do live in that same era.

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