10 August 2006

About those incapable Iraqis...

Remember how the New Iraqi Army is just a bunch of 'do nothings', incapable of really doing anything and depending upon the MNF to 'always back them up'?

It look like they have had control over half their country handed over to them.

The MNF-Iraq briefing is here (better to download and read locally). It not only covers the turnover, but the recent concentration on Baghdad, success stories in thwarting attacks, finding out *how* the Jill Carroll kidnapping happened and some other fun things that have been going on.

Dear me! Do we know of any other group that likes to use these sorts of rockets? But those require a *real* Nation to supply them, hard to do them onesies-twosies in the basement. Is there a supplier of them locally?

Why yes, yes there is! I wonder if there is any connection between katyusha rockets discovered in Iraq and the Nation that likes to supply them?

Ah, yes. Well, there you have it. Absolutely and positively purely circumstantial. No fingerprints at all. Really! I mean, that would mean that Iran is trying to foment war in Iraq and put a Foreign Legion to work there.

To read what the rest of the MNF have been doing in the past few weeks you may want to actually, you know, visit their site to get some of these things known as FACTS. And get to see exactly *who* is being targeted... you know, do a bit of 'dot connecting' on your own and give up on the biased MSM. They can't even tell you what is being rebuilt there, but the good General in charge CAN.

Yes car bombings and terrorism is *awful*.

Misrepresenting and misrepresenting history by reporting ONLY that and giving it ZERO context is deceit at the very best and something coming damn close to treason at the worse if it is done with the knowing aid and assistance of the enemies of the United States. Luckily, that has not shown up so far yet.

The operative word: YET.

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