11 August 2006

Racial profiling and Your rights

Utter the words "racial profiling" in reference to terrorism and all sorts of civil liberties folks come crawling out of the woodwork to complain about things like: institutional racism or prejudice, unfairness to minorities and we really should have some sort of National ID card and more x-rays at airports, it targets minorities unfairly, and so on and on. Far be it from me to really think that there are very few elderly, female terrorists running around airports... But beyond that, where are these fine folks when the public is GIVING its rights away?

We give our rights away?

Yes, we assuredly do. Let us take Education, for example. It remains a right solely belonging to the States and the People as it is NOT given to the Federal Government. You, the fine public and voters, have decided that you want less personal oversight and accountability for your tax dollars, and do not want to be bothered by actually having to *care* about your local school district and have handed that right and its responsibilities UP to the Federal Government. Which, by the by, is not entitled to it.

Now the waggling of fingers begin about 'general welfare' and such. Perhaps you have missed the point of the Constitution: the Preamble deals with YOU and NOT the Federal Government. The actual way that governing is to be handled at a Federal level and ensure accountability and that your rights are secured are the REST of the document. But the opening sentence is that statement about what We the People agree to do. You are one of the People if you are Citizen or have other legal right to be here. So when it comes to the 'general welfare' it is *YOU* that gets oversight on that. It is *YOUR* responsibility and *YOUR* right to handle it. When this gets passed FROM You to the Federal Government, You are giving up Your right to direct accountability for that thing.

Starting in 1980 the right to direct oversight and accountability of education funds for that portion of Your tax dollars allotted to same went into the Federal Bureaucracy. You kissed it away, or your predecessors did at least. All of that because President Carter thought it would be a 'good idea'. Now, where are all you Civil Rights folks on that one? Care to tell me *why* giving a Right like that away is such a 'good thing'? How We are made better as Individuals by this?

Ditto the above on Agriculture.

And Energy.


If you say, 'Well it is a problem too large for We the People to handle individually', what you are really saying is: 'I don't care enough about it to do anything with it on my own. Got a busy life. Let someone else handle it.'

If you try to invoke what is YOUR set of responsibilities by the Preamble, then the exact same 'general welfare' can be invoked for racial profiling and even toss in 'common defense' and 'establish Justice' and 'domestic Tranquility'. Really, handing a right away to government is indefensible when it is Yours to start with. Asking the government to secure the borders, protect the Nation, uphold the Laws of the Land should not be a hard problem nor threaten individual rights or liberty when done via due process.

Oh, and throwing in the 'slippery slope' of doom and gloom? Too late! Already on it!

I suggest clawing Your way back UP it, by recovering those things that You have already handed over to the Government because you don't care about them.

Do that *first* and I will start thinking about the 'slippery slope' and 'institutional prejudice' and other nonsense. When the Enemies of We the People will decide that We are being discriminated *against* by their trying to kill Us, then I will really listen to the arguments. Until they figure it out, then those that have fled those societies but still adhere to the religion and thinking that they are still IN that setting and want We the People to submit to it... even a couple of generations onwards... well why is there ZERO complaint about THAT discrimination?

Yes, do the hard work of recovering Your rights and convincing the Enemies that they are being unjust in their discrimination, and then, maybe, just maybe, I will listen to you.

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