06 August 2006

Only 30% of Americans are defeatist after THIS long?

After watching a bit more of the tube than I really thought wise over the last day or so, twice I saw Juan Williams on talking heads programs putting forth that: "30% of Americans are against the war in Iraq".

Dear me!

You mean after the purely *negative* drumbeat of bad happenings there, with not a single newscast showing a rebuilt school, bridge, farm, irrigated wetlands for the Marsh Arabs, people productively farming, children being educated, the flood of vehicles to supply domestic households with same, the lowering and heading lower unemployment rate, electricity supplies well past Saddam era capabilities and only being outstripped by DEMAND due to all the household electronics being purchased, the fact that Iraq is now a net agricultural EXPORTER, that their oil industry is hitting the hard limits of Soviet era equipment and that four complete provinces are now controlled ONLY by Iraqis.... you mean that ONLY 30% of Americans are against that?

Why, with such heavy media non-coverage of these things and emphasizing the police blotter, blood in the streets, 'everything is always going to hell' and 'Iraqis are incompetent because they can't stand up for themselves' reporting that IS going on... I am amazed that it is ONLY 30% of Americans are disenchanted with the war. With such continuous coverage of only the NEGATIVE problems anyplace on Earth would be seen in negative light. Watch your local news for an example of that.... just imagine someone watching ONLY your local news and trying to decide if your community is worth moving to. All those murders! All those rapes! Rampant fires! Robbery! Child molestation! And just look at the disrepair of the infrastructure and corruption of public officials and untrustworthiness of the local police... why would anyone want to MOVE to your community with such reporting?

What is the old saying... 'If I had both Hell and Texas, I would live in Hell and rent out Texas'. I could probably put that to a search engine and find it out... but my lady replaced Hell with Iraq, pointing out the cross-border raids, police no longer trying to do any patrolling near the border, beatings and gang problems, the trickling in of automatic weapons and protective vests. Of course the NEGATIVE problems of the border infiltration are not reported upon EITHER, thus trying to hide the problems.

So, Mr. Williams, how come THAT 30% is more important than the 59% who oppose illegal immigrants applying for legal, temporary work status? Or the 81% that want Local, State and Federal Police to enforce the Law of the Land? And what about that 55% who want ZERO illegal immigrants and 56% who want NO Amnesty for illegal immigrants?

Care to enlighten me on why a MINORITY of Americans should be able to veto a War when a MAJORITY cannot even get their Elected Representatives to do their damn job?

Care to do so, Mr. Williams?

And for all of those Americans who actually don't like the war in Iraq: do you have a better way to handle the problems in the region that will give absolute, proof-positive, verifiably BETTER results than what is going on now?

After the pull out from Viet Nam the entire region of SE Asia saw a mass exodus and even worse slaughter of populations by Communist and Totalitarian regimes that flooded into the unstable area. And, mind you, by then we had been fighting the North Vietnamese Army as the Viet Cong were mostly toasty... and had eaten through THREE complete re-equippings of that Army by the Soviets and Chinese, which crippled THEIR economies while OURS still flourished. So that solution looks to only cause havoc, destruction and despair. So a 'redeployment over the horizon' is probably NOT a good idea.

And seeing how well the UN has done in Rwanda, Bosnia, Kosovo and Lebanon, amongst other places, the outright abuse of those that they are protecting and exploitation of them while RUNNING at the first sign of trouble is a non-starter, too.

Our Allies are ALREADY there and helping us, thank you very much, and they do not want us to leave.

In point of fact the Sunni and Shia *communities*, not their sectarian militias, want us to STAY (hey if its in the NYT it has *got* to be true, right?) so we can help them get RID of the militias. Leaving would empower these bloodthirsty militias to bring true carnage to the streets of Baghdad and the rest of Iraq... and why don't we hear *anything* about violence all over Iraq? Lack of reporting or lack of things to report? Never find out from the MSM, you are on your own on that....

And heaven help us if our own troops are seen as effective and capable and not *being the problem*.

I do not disrespect Mr. Williams and enjoy his viewpoint on many things and even *agree* with him once in a while.

The problem is not that 30% of Americans do not believe that the war in Iraq is wrong.

No, the problem is that this is a 30/30/30 Nation in which 30% that support NEITHER party have been disenfranchised and forgotten. So that 30% cited by Mr. Williams is important as it represents ONE of the TWO parties.

But with neither party representing nor adhering to that *other* 30%, the Nation is left adrift.

That is the 30% that strongly support the war but *neither* party, as *both* have given cause for disenchantment by their ACTIONS. Neither party holds honorable positions nor even sticks by those positions that they consider to have *been* foundations of their party. In short there is a missing 30% that is saying that both the other 30% folks have divvied up the Nation to their own benefit and no longer represent All of the People.

These are the people who support the Nation, but have walked out on the two party system.

Neither party presents *solutions* to problems and is willing to put those solutions to the test.

Like actually having the police at ALL levels follow the Laws of the Land.

Like defending the borders.

Like ensuring that this Nation stands for and WITH its Friends and Allies, while doing its best to secure itself and them and NOT degrade liberty in that doing.

It is a 50/50 Nation because of *disgust* with both parties, both ideologies, both extremist wings, both sets of politicians that keep on coming up with ways to *ensure* that they get re-elected first, send goodies home as bribes second, secure themselves against inquiry third, and put the security of the Nation DEAD LAST.

Vehement disgust at both these parties that do not stand FOR the Nation.

And because neither party, no MSM group, no 'non-aligned' or 'independent' organization that DEPENDS upon the status quo will ASK that... it goes unasked and unanswered.

Who were these people that walked out of the political system starting in the 1960's?

Why have they brought up their children to *distrust* the two party system, but love their Nation?

And what are *they* thinking about Iraq, Israel, Denmark, and the security of the borders?

And what happens when they finally get fed up enough to *do* something?

And why are the two parties aiming to get that 30% mad enough so that those questions can be answered?

Welcome to the Summer of Our Discontent...

I hope it is not followed by the Fall of Building Fury.

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