16 April 2007

A "Dept of Peace"?

Well we have heard a *lot* about how HR 808 will bring about a lovely extra, special Department of Peace to the US! It even has its own support group!

And, really, given the things that 'Peace Activists' *do* I can see that there is, indeed, need for Federal Regulation of this concept. Thus, as it would have such high statuts it would be seen as something that could *not* be promulgated without Federal Oversight. I am, yea and verily, tired of these unregulated 'Peace Activists' that put MY civil rights at danger and risk due to *their* activities. Further their view that anything is acceptable to call attention to themselves leads to very non-peaceful events and things that even threaten the running of the Nation in a Civil manner. I have some very leading gripes that I would like such a Dept. of Peace to address:

1) First and foremost is unregulated 'Street Theater' and 'Guerilla Theater' and all other such displays and events that utilize any form of poetry, entertainment, or 'expressive art'. Anything that causes public areas, streets, sidewalks, open parks, wetlands, banks, clinics, or any other organization to be *hindered* for a period of more than 5 minutes needs to be banned as it is a violation of the Public's Right to have free and unfettered access to these things. That has got to stop. Pontificating on a street corner fervently until one's lungs give out is one thing. Organizing to enforce your belief upon the public is something else again.

2) Pursuant to the first: All such organized demonstrations characterized by the above are to fall under the following laws:

- The Sherman Anti-Trust Act - All organizations *must* allow full and free access to their activities by other organizations and input from them over a broad spectrum of political beliefs. Religious groups are exempt from this, but they are also limited to their own means and any cooperation, save amongst religious groups, must hold open their venues to the full and complete spectrum of ideas. No single organization is allowed to confine any event to a single message nor shall it enforce the non-participation of groups that do not believe in their message. Any attempt to delegitimize any other, properly incorporated group or organization is seen as an infringement in the Anti-Trust Act as it is attempting to limit idea promulgation on Public Grounds and Accommodations to a single viewpoint, while the Constitution clearly gives rise that all views are held in common by the public. These other groups must be vigorously protected, even if they arrive in small numbers and complete *equal* time of all presentations, plays, skits, poems, songs and such are to be rendered unto them fairly.

- The Clayton Act - As these activities are *not* a commodity but are a directed labor to an activity that promulgates a singular belief, they are to be held accountable to be Unionized. Any Labor Union dealing with the arts and entertainments provided are allowed to petition that ALL individuals participating are to be PAID full Union scale on the per diem basis. To enforce that ALL presentations that fall under those categories are to be given Federal Oversight so that all individuals that participate in any and all entertainment activities are given the prevailing wages for their artistic time and that each signs documentation that they are not performing outside of an event. Free-Lance participants are *also* to be identified as they are seeking benefit and recognition for themselves by the gathering and shall not be seen as an 'Independent Actor' but one that is enhancing the performance(s) of the main activity and thus due full per diem amounts, payable by those holding such events.

- Davis-Bacon Act - As the above activities may require the construction or erection of tents, podiums, pavilions, speaker systems, booths, and other needful artifices, all such labor to construct such things shall fall under the Davis-Bacon Act for safety and oversight, along with standard going payrates for those activities on a per diem basis. All such costs are to be paid by those running such events.

- Norris-LaGuardia Act - Individuals working for such events may *not* self-exempt their work and are required to fall under the payment statutes for their work done for those organizing such events.

- Anti-Strikebreaker Law - Any event that does *not* follow these Federal regulations shall be liable to have their event picketed by those that they are unwilling to pay. The event may *not* move people in to break up such strikes.

- Walsh-Healy Act - This has been stipulated in the above, but the going minimal wage for all such entertainments, construction and other occupations to run and control such events are to fall under the minimum wage law and prevailing wage for that job category on a per diem basis. This specifically includes all: planning time, organizing time, materials ordering time, arrival oversight time, actual time to construct/perform/enact duties, materials removal time, and disposal time. Needless to say all materials will need to be disposed of in a way that is pursuant to ALL EPA and Federal Standards for air, water and ground quality. Any site remediation due to damage caused by the event will *also* be charged to the event.

- Fair Labor Standards Act - All those working for such events shall have set hours, payment schedules, and receive normal rest breaks in facilities outlined in Federal regulations and shall adhere to all posting standards for Federal Wage and Unionizing Laws and not promulgate any material infringing on the common rest space for those workers. Those running such events shall be liable for any and all documented violations of this with fines and/or imprisonment.

- Taft-Hartley Act - Any event may not run a 'closed shop' nor otherwise restrict the petitioning of multiple Unions. In any event they must pay the prevailing or minimum wage on a per diem basis to all involved in organizing, creating, running, maintaining and otherwise promulgating such events. If you don't think an individual is covered, then consultation with the actual wage regulating organizations may be necessary. Further, those working may self-organize and bargain collectively. Any strikes *of* the event that causes secondary problems to the public and/or monetary damage due to such protests, shall be paid for by those running the event.

- Landrum-Griffin Act - All regularity with this act is to be accorded and all negotiations that fail between those working for such an event and those running it are to be first vetted by the NLRB and then the courts.

3) As many States, Counties, Municipalities, Cities, Towns and Villages have restriction on who can and can not work for certain labor and job categories, all of *those* must be strictly adhered to when they are more stringent than Federal Labor Laws.

4) All of the above also pertains to all 'spontaneous' activities along any lines by groups of individuals that profess to express a certain viewpoint with an eye towards promulgating such viewpoint. All religious groups are exempt from this.

5) Any religious group that puts forth a political or partisan viewpoint, or one aimed at enacting any legislation or supporting any candidate for common office shall be deemed to be a political lobbying organization and falls completely under these rules and regulations.

6) Any use of non-peaceful means by any 'Peace Activist', group, association or other organizations is strictly prohibited. This includes all attempts to block public and common access to buildings, commercial establishments and all other places that have public commerce. This is strictly prohibited for all Federal Installations unless first *cleared* with that installation. This includes all military installations, parks, office buildings, depots, warehouses, ports and other needful buildings under Common Ownership of the People of the United States made solely to serve the People. Mandatory prison sentences AND fines shall be established as these are considered felony activities to hinder the Common Good done by the Federal Government.

7) Any use of marking devices to permanently deface common walkways, open building sides, commercial signage, and anything else commonly on view to the public is strictly prohibited by ALL 'Peace Activists', groups, associations or organizations. All such are liable for clean-up time, fine and/or imprisonment of the entire group sanctioning such activities.

8) All memorials, services, organizations, meetings and other associations of those supporting the Armed Forces of the United States is to not be infringed upon by any 'Peace Activist', group, or other organization that sees itself as 'peace' oriented. These are considered felonious assaults on the rights of those that serve and die for the Nation and shall not be tolerated. Infringement includes, but is not limited to: signage, rallies, cheers, chants, slogans, performances, photographic or motion recording, defacing any memorial, using armbands or other insignia to disrespect the Unit or branch of the Armed Forces, any armband or insignia showing allegiance to another group, wearing any common clothing to show disrespect to those actively serving or those fallen in the line of duty.

9) To any campus, school or any other area that receives Federal funds for ANYTHING and that does not permit the US Armed Forces on their campus shall also be restricted from having ANY 'Peace Organization' or group or council or affiliation on their campus.

10) Any use by 'Peace Activists', groups, organizations or other affiliations shall be restricted in the use of any signage that promulgates violent activities, displays threats, puts target crosshairs on any one or Nation, utilizes effigies of any sort, puts forth any undemocratic ways of solving problems, foments unrest, encourages revolution or in any way infringes on common decency via acts of nudity or other things normally kept in private at home or out of the common sight.

Ahhhhh... Federal Regulation of 'Peace' Activities! What isn't there to like in that? And those are just the things I could think of right off the top of my head... I am sure there would be all sorts of other things to attach to such a place and those purporting to work for 'Peace'.

Too bad the Democratic Party doesn't have the spine to take a position on anything, and will flow downhill due to their gelatinous nature... and pool with the Republicans in the Well of the House, because this sort of thing would be such FUN!

They might even learn that 'Peace' is not just the absence of 'War'... and that 'War' serves a purpose as does 'Peace'. And that to 'wage peace' one must also understand and be prepared to 'wage war'.

Mind you the rambunctious rabble-rousers would find themselves behind bars. But then, they aren't too 'peace oriented' are they? Might actually make 'peace activists' peaceful and civil... maybe even kind and courteous.

I am sure a Dept. of Manners isn't far behind....

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