21 April 2007

Peacebonding Weapons - For Responsible and Ethical Open Carry

Today the events in society have hit home with avengeance. One individual using weapons for wanton killing of fellow Citizens has grabbed headlines once more. And the sorrow over such deaths have called for some to re-examine that within context of society. Many have sought changes in gun laws which only addresses the weapon, not their use. Adding more laws into government that it cannot effectively enforce makes mockery of Law and Justice. That must not continue if Law and Justice are to have any meaning left within our society. And as our society of democratic ideals is based upon the individual Citizen and we are the final arbiters of what is Just for each of us, and we are enjoined to make a 'more perfect Union' amongst ourselves using our Rights to uphold our Responsibilities as given to us in the Preamble, I put forward a more perfect way of doing things, which, like all things created by man is imperfect, fallible and not pure light and goodness as that is incapable by the hand of man. But doing *better*... that we should be capable of doing by taking a step in the right direction, not in a 'non-wrong' one which may be wrong but in a different way.

The basis for ensuring domestic Tranquility through force of Bearing Arms is ancient.

To that end, as lawlessness and those of Evil or Reckless intent can be in any guise, any where within society and that we cannot find nor stop them from committing their acts, it is time to return to Ancient ways and remind ourselves that the basis for Civil society is Just use of Arms.

With Open Carry of Arms not banned in many States, I call for the Armed Citizens of those States to Carry their Arms of any sort, openly upon their bodies.

To demonstrate that an individual is NOT a Lawless nor Evil person I enjoin those that DO decide to carry Arms Openly to show Peacebond upon their Arms.

The Peacebond, as I am familiar with it, comes from various conventions and gatherings of individuals to show their Arms as part of Period Costumes.

The Peacebond is a simple strip of white cloth placed around an Armament or Weapon so that it is clearly visible at all times, and with seal, marking, tie, tag or other thing to identify the Bondsman or Bondswoman, and will requite the Breaking of the Peacebond to fully utilize that Armament. This is placed by a cognizant Authority at such gatherings to ensure that this Armament or Weapon will not be drawn in anger while it is carried and that the Individual assumes full and complete responsibility for its carry in Civil fashion. The individual and Armament or Weapon are duly noted in a book or register and simple enjoinment to go In Peace is given.

To the Individual Openly Carrying Arms this is a simple, visual statement that One acknowledges that they have Arms, are cognizant in Owning Arms, and will Use Arms to Defend the Peace. That Individual acknowledges that they will be held accountable for Any Breaking of the Peacebond by non-Bondsmen. The Individual Acknowledges full and complete Responsibility over that Armament or Weapon, will use it only in Lawful events, will put themselves at risk FIRST if it is taken from them for Un-Lawful use, and will safeguard themselves, their family and loved ones and the unarmed members of society with their Arms.

The Bondsman or Bondswoman has simple duty: To be the recognized Individual, Authority, Spiritual Guide, or other Acknowledged Individual to ensure that any Armament or Weapon brought to them is Properly Secured in fashion that such will be Visible at All Times and that the Imprint, Seal or Particular Cloth that can be Traced Back to YOU will be secured on that Armament or Weapon. An Individual seeking such Peacebond shall Openly Acknowledge that they will only Use their Arms in Lawful fashion so as to Uphold and Protect society.

Yes such simple things can be easily mimicked or forged. That is not the *point*.

The point is to ensure that society rests upon the firm foundations of Law and is Upheld by its Armed Citizens.

By putting on Peacebond to a Armament or Weapon, an Individual demonstrates their commitment to Lawfully Bearing Arms and using such in a fashion that will NOT endanger society. And that they will fully hold themselves accountable to that very thing.

A 'safety' is only a mechanical interlock on a weapon.

A Peacebond is the social interlock on an Individual to Uphold themselves in support of society.

Both can be defeated by simple means.

The second ensures that Others will self-enforce the Lawful use of Arms when No One Else is around to do so with civil means.


Anonymous said...

This is a very good idea. The only problem is the mentality of 'As much as I'd like to threaten or shoot that criminal harming another.I know I will be sued upon doing so'
We need to adjust how the court system represents criminals in some cases.The fact that a man,upon breaking into my home,injures himself.Then sues me for it,is amazingly ridiculous.

A Jacksonian said...

xstrik - That is a pure inversion of the order of things: a man's property is from his liberty and livelihood and must be defended.

The goal of peacebonding is to demonstrate that a civil right can be exercised lawfully, peacefully and with threat to no one. As civility is to language so peacebonding is to self-defense. The ancient right of self-defense has been denigrated by scare mongering, and yet there are ways to exercise it peacefully and be a threat to no one.

Our laws are backed by our civil understanding of them, and when criminals are given superior rights and protection in law breaking, then not only society but the individual is at risk. That one can carry arms, not use them and yet sees the necessity of doing so in a society gone lawless, that puts the individual back in control of their own life and anyone threatening peacebonding is doing so deliberately, with malice aforethought as the visual warning is all too clear. Every rattlesnake gives warning, the unwary do not heed it... when our laws become bludgeons to the peace loving populace, then that populace needs to become the rattlesnake. Attack an owner of a peacebonded weapon, and you deserve what comes your way... and no court in the land will judge that you are at fault for self-defense when you have made your peaceful intent clear as a bell.

There are locales that support barbarism and give criminals more rights to offend than the citizen to defend: make the point clear. Once such places take you in while being peaceful and law abiding, then the decadent state of such places will be seen. They need to be made visible.