01 April 2007

Transnational Terrorism - the quick definition

For those wondering about what the idea of Transnationalism looks like with regard to Terrorism, here is a good start put forward by Mark Steyn in a 01 APR 2007 column:

On Sept. 11, a New York skyscraper was brought down by the Egyptian leader of a German cell of an Afghan terror group led by a Saudi. Islamism is only the first of many globalized ideological viruses that will seep undetected across national frontiers in the years ahead. Meanwhile, we put our faith in meetings of foreign ministers.
That is, perhaps, the most succinct summing up of what Transnational Terrorist organizations have and will continue to look like as they diversify their recruitment even further. Remember that Hezbollah is Iran and Syria backed, gains training from Chechens and Columbians, to attack Jews in Argentina. This is not *new* and it is getting very lethal as those using illegitimate war recruit barbarians from wherever they can get them.

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