02 April 2007

A friend in need...

M. Simon at Power and Control is in need as he explains:

Due to a problem with my #1 son our lease is not being renewed and at this time we have not found a place to move. I will blog as often as I can get sufficient access to a computer.

If you haven't hit the tip jar lately it would help.

And for all those who have helped in the past many thanks for keeping us (my family) going so far.

Bless you all,

Help out if you can!

He has helped me to clarify thoughts and bring some new information to me that I would have not otherwise seen. I had not been aware that he makes his living by blogging, and so if you have ever read his works and found them of value or stimulated you to think in any way, then do consider giving him some help.

This is the link to his Tip Jar.

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