05 April 2006

John McCain hits bottom, digs...

As to why I will not vote for John McCain for anything, including Dog Catcher:

1) Keating Five. As to why the good people of Arizona re-elected him... well he became a reformer. I do not like what he reformed into. An honest crook, I can deal with.

2) McCain-Feingold Act. "I'm the Budweiser Donkey and I approved this message."

3) The Tobacco Deal -

"I don't think there's any doubt that the influence of the tobacco industry here in Congress was a compelling argument for campaign finance reform. And they did have significant influence. I would also argue that if it had not been for the agreement negotiated with the attorney's generals, then we probably would not be where we are in attempting to reach some kind of overall settlement."
- John McCain
It would have been far easier to say that any lobbyist or industry that contributes more than a Citizen would get to put a sticker on the Representative or Senator that they had paid for, Mr. McCain. The onus is upon those seeking office to come clean on this, not keep people from speaking out in the public forum.

4) Limiting Indian Tribes to put casinos in their 'home' state - Mr. McCain, they are considered Nations for many things and they may do as they please within their own territories. The States may regulate what goes in their territory, Mr. McCain. You might want to get a thing known as a 'Treaty' in-place otherwise. Be sure to ask the President to negotiate one for you.

5) The 2006 Immigration bill - Let them register via a Consulate like every other foreigner wishing to immigrate, Mr. McCain. Send them home, first, as they are not law abiding by being here illegally. Kennedy-McCain, says it all as the pandering politicians unite.

6) Feingold-McCain Rivers bill 2006 - Yes, the USACE made decisions based on science, lobbying by States and funding, Mr. McCain. How do you propose to save a sinking city? And will you get lobbying out of the way of good science and engineering? Please?

7) Falwell good - 2006. Falwell bad -2001. Flip... flop... how long to flip again?

8) Maverick Media Reformer, 1998. Or not.

9) Americans will not pick lettuce for $50/hour. (hat tip: Michelle Malkin) Even if he meant to say $15/hour, that is still way higher than minimum and more than enough to make a go of it in rural areas. Are you saying that the American people are spoiled, lazy, good-for-nothing, ne'er-do-wells, Mr. McCain. How about the low pay of our soldiers?

10) The Real Reformer, 2000. Or not.

And, like the rest of Congress he will not use the Powers vested in his position to take the fight to America's enemies, uphold the Constitution and protect the Nation.

Thanks for nothing, John McCain.

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