22 April 2006

Why I pay zero attention to the Plame affair

Who outed Valerie Plame?

Ok, here it is: She married Ambassador Joseph Wilson in 1998, after dating in that social strata.

News to world: You cannot be both covert and mingling in socialite circles that have high media attention.

According to some documents here and there, She was outed during a meeting with the Swiss in Cuba in which the Cubans listened in circa 1991.

We learned in 1993 that the Russians figured it out independently.

She met Joe Wilson at a party in 1998.

Once outed you get 5 years to tidy things up. 1993-1998 is 5 years.

By actually *dating* in that social milieu Valerie Plame was, by the fact of doing so, no longer in any way, shape or form covert.

By doing such dating and mingling she was confirming that status.

Who did that?

Valerie Plame.

Case closed.

The rest is absolute and positive media hype and slander. Spinning to make things look bad when they are not bad at all, but trying to snowjob people by putting a gloss on things.

Absolute and pure BS.

What have I gained from looking that up some time ago?

Having time to do other things, like try to figure out what I have left in my life.

Any court proceedings that do *not* end up with Valerie Plame Wilson, Joseph Wilson, and/or folks from the CIA is a case that is going NOWHERE.

To those who think that this will look bad upon anyone in the administration: bend over and grease up, for you will get it in the end. And what you seek to apply to others will come back upon yourself and I hope that you are reminded of that until the day you die so that you will *stop* using any excuse at all for political advantage and learn that tearing this Nation down does not help *save it* in any way, shape or form. This is especially addressed to the Main Stream Media. Your Main Stream is now the SEWER. And you are PLAYING in it like CHILDREN.

There is NOTHING there to prosecute under the covert operatives statute, save if Valerie Plame herself, in doing such high level mingling, OUTED HERSELF IN FULL VIEW OF THE GOSSIP MEDIA.

Is this so greatly difficult to understand?

And if you contend that the 5 years stared *then*, then the first person to out her after that was her HUSBAND, by naming her in Who's Who and making that connective fact available as early as 1999! He would have BROKEN THAT LAW in doing so. And he then confirms this by doing a high profile news article for the New York Times. If you want to keep agents safe, the first two to be looked at are Valerie Plame Wilson and Joseph Wilson.

Do you now understand that there is no way in hell that Valerie Plame could in any way fall under the covert operatives statutes by her actions and the confirmatory ones by her husband?

Can it be said any simpler?

Get over IT.

As William Shatner said: "Get a LIFE!"

You do not have a life if you concentrate on this BS that is being spoon-fed you so that you can spew more vitriol into the bloodstream of American politics.

This is tearing things down and offering NOTHING in return except chaos and decay.

Go outside and take a deep breath and realize that you can still take one and not scream. Open your eyes and realize that the political climate is shifting hard in this Nation for the *worse* because no politician will actually stand up for this NATION that gives you all this rights and liberties which you are using to tear it down.

By elevating this out of nothing those doing so are abdicating their responsibilities as Citizens. You are not increasing the general Welfare. You are not offering *any* security to the Nation and are, in fact, making politicians so timid that they do not want to even *think* about defending it. Those who are spilling the vitriol in this are directly a cause of such problems. They were ongoing before this, but this is making them WORSE.

I cannot tell you how many Angels can dance on a head of a pin.

But I can tell you that there are far too many with pin-like noggins dancing to destroy this country through mean spiritedness, self-aggrandizement, self-pity, and excess loathing for those that simply do not THINK like they do. And this goes ACROSS the entire political spectrum.

If you think that your rights are only for you, that you need not exercise them to actually help this Nation and must have forethought, I will say that you are no longer a part of We the People. You have ignored your responsibilities and are causing the rights of *everyone* in this Nation to be diminished and neglected by these actions. If you are one of those vituperating on this without end, then you, personally, are the cause of this. You are to blame. Yes, at that point it is all about YOU. And for that finger you have pointed out three more point back to indict YOU as the cause of all such things. For YOU have forgotten how to build, and now only destroy.

And that, too, will be a reason the Republic falls.

Only YOU can save this Nation.

If YOU can ever come to think of yourself as one of We the People FIRST.

And lose some of that ego and attitude in doing so would greatly help YOUR outlook and let you know that there is NO halo over your head.

For YOU are no better nor have more rights than I do, but in diminishing YOURS through these activities YOU are diminishing mine and the rest of We the People.

Can YOU find *any* humility or anything to which YOU will not stoop to do to gain YOUR ends?

Let the vitriol GO. Laugh at the media for being fools. And laugh at yourself for being foolish. It is good for the spirit and the soul to do so. It reminds you that you are human. That you can do foolish things and then turn around and make amends. And perhaps cry some for the valuable time in your life that you spent in foolishness, and make that little vow within yourself to do *better* and *help* by not destroying and tearing down.

Just that little whisper to yourself.

It hurts the first time.

But the pain lessens over time.

And then you find something else being built within you each time you do so and adhere to it.

Your outlook will change.

And when it does, so will your understanding of the Universe you live in.

You need not advance by tearing down.

Find a way to seal the damage and build around it and stronger.

And help We the People to make a more perfect Union.

With You.

And only You, can do this.

To be worthy of being part of We the People.

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