01 April 2006

The Charge of Racism is Segregationist!

Yet another fine post by Mr. Z at Bloviating Zeppelin! This time on Rep. Cynthia McKinney (Moonbat - GA) and her little racist tirade at being caught Princess while Representative. And I wish that Ms. Mckinney were only an APRIL Fool, instead of a year round one. So, while very tired today, I could not murderize an entire encyclopedia, and so settled for a mere Doomsday book. Again, posted as-is, no extra carbs, guaranteed to be fully Atkin's approved and definitive as to why a continuous charge of one thing indicates something even more pernicious:

Do note that whenever the Left needs to denigrate someone the *first* thing they do is say: racism!

No matter what the area of discussion, no matter what technicalities it is always and has been for decades: racism!

Pulling drunks over at night: racism!
Bringing criminal gangs to heel: racism!
A highly black city that is sinking: racism!
Profiling prospective terrorists: racism!
Junk food eaten by the poor: racism!
No black quarterbacks: racism!
No black hockey teams: racism!
No blacks on the currency: racism!

In fact, just about every damn thing is racist... except charging racism. That seems to be fair.

There is a word for people who charge racism to keep society apart: segregationist.

Do remember that when you see people pointing and saying racism at every damn thing. They are segregationists wanting to divide the People of America into color coded groups. With some colors being more equal than others.

Those charging racism want to control your thoughts.

I charge segregationist to stop pernicious division-making in society because that is the result of those performing that action.
And so it is!

Racism, racism! Separate from those racists into your racial groups...

Oh, yea and verily *someone* is racist...

And when you point that finger out, Ms. McKinney, rightly three point back at you with that same charge. And as you offer nothing better to build the Republic you shall only have the effect of a racist in your life and that is how you shall be rememberd if at all. For that last finger reminds you of your fate if you offer nothing better to the Republic.

And you offer nothing at all, Ms. McKinney. A prime ZERO in life.

Save for being a racist and racial segregationist doing NOTHING to bring harmony to the races in this Republic.

Thanks for nothing, Ms. McKinney. Nothing at all....

Cynthia... who?

Already history turns the page and such racism shall only devour itself.

Rep. Cynthia McKinney (Racist - GA)

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