11 April 2006

The simple proposition on 'guest workers'

Ok, this one is short and sweet: the argument is that illegal immigrants take up jobs 'that american people will not do'. At the price offered, at least.

So we add hundreds of thousands of jobs to the economy on a monthly basis, and *still* have unemployment.

Tell you what: get the illegal aliens out of the country (and I do not care *how* or *how much it costs*), build a wall to keep illegal aliens out, end subsidies to agriculture, end corporate welfare, end water subsidies and open the market for fruits and vegetables; then close down any business not adhering to the immigration policies of the United States. As in shutter them and get rid of them, as they are irresponsible corporations seeking to harm the United States by undermining its economic competition by taking unfair advantage of slave labor.

See what happens in two years. If there is *still* unemployment that means that some things are just not worth DOING in the United States for the wage offered. Increase the minimum wage in those sectors having underemployment until such *ends*. Once the unemployment rate reaches 0%, then, and only then, consider a 'Guest Worker' program. And then only for those industries with proof-positive they need the workers. If businesses cannot support the higher minimum wage, that means that they are 'economically inefficient' and should look for another line of work.

Simple, huh?

Too bad Congress can't think of this.

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