27 April 2006

Occupation of US Cities to Occur May 1

My thanks to Texas Fred for providing this valuable article on Illegal Aliens looking to shut down US Cities on May 1. First, I suggest you go over and take a gander at it...

Then, in your copious spare time, you might want to read my take on Sanctuary Cities and how they are promoting the trafficking of human beings, seceding from the Union by not obeying the Laws of the Land and the separation of powers, and, generally, acting Autonomously towards foreign Nations. Also take into consideration the way Mexico sends its Federal Military and Police over the borders without so much as a 'By your leave' or 'So sorry, how may we make up for the unwarranted intrusion?' or even PROTEST by the US Government.

So, given the above two things, we can now ask the question:

What is it called when secessionist cities are occupied by foreigners and their well being controlled by same, and the nation of origin of most of them has repeatedly given the US Casus Belli by its activities?
Kudos to those that have answered: These territories are under occupation by a foreign power that we are at WAR with.

Any other answer leaves out the question of National Sovereignty and the right of a Nation to control its borders, its commerce and its internal regulation without interference by Foreign Nations.

This is not about 'economic rights': They have those in their own country, or not as the case may be.

This is not racism: I want every damn illegal alien from every country out of this Nation no matter their skin color, religion, gender, sexual orientation or nation of origin. They, one and all, must go.

This is not about giving a 'fair deal' to 'law abiding' illegals. If they were 'law abiding' they would NOT be here. They are here unfairly to this Nation and to every individual who follows the LEGAL process to gain entry.

And I do not care if they just 'overstayed their visa'! They could have gotten something known as an 'extension'! They could then abide by the law and leave. They have broken the law by staying here.

Welcome to the 21st Century of the United States, where we can defend the borders of Iraq far better than our own.

Where we seek to spread liberty abroad as we give it up at home.

Where we are heading to a Second Civil War over Slavery and the illegal trafficking and exploitation of human beings.

Where no political party understands the concepts of: Republic, Representative Democracy, Responsibilities to the Nation by the People, and the concept that some Groups are due more rights than others and the individual has no rights AT ALL.

I am a Jacksonian and I represent the Party of One. The party of the Individual. Of individuals taking up their responsibilities as given them in the very first sentence of the Constitution and then use their Rights to enact those responsibilities.

I give honor and friendship and trust where it is due by those that act the same towards me.

Mexico has acted without Honor in aiding and abetting their people's illegal entry into the United States.

Mexico has acted without Friendship in not making up for the mistakes it has made via its Military and Police in intruding upon the National Sovereignty of its neighbor.

And Mexico has lost its trust by exporting its unemployment problem instead of rooting out corruption and enabling its economy to flourish while it still has natural resources to sell.

Mexico should lose all Free Trade with the United States.

The United States should build a wall that will stop and 'kill' individuals trespassing upon Our territory and right to self-government.

And all individuals here illegally should be sent HOME.

And, finally, Mexico should be given a bill of particulars and told that if the individuals responsible for the border incursions, for firing upon US Police and for aiding the illegal activities of drug and human smuggling, that we will then declare Mexico to be a nation Hostile to the United States.

Further, if reparations and indemnifications are NOT forthcoming for repaying what it will take to round up and ship all of their people here illegally HOME, that the United States shall declare the entire list of Casus Belli and declare that there are now open hostilities with Mexico and that we will do our damnedest to shut their entire nation down and kill ANYONE who attempts to move northwards over the now CLOSED border.

For that is where we now are in the 21st Century.

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