31 March 2006

Summarizing my intemperance on the illegals issue at Just One Minute

I know, I promised... *sigh* more verbiage and lunch upon me.. Just One Minute had a post and I replied there... so here it is: [all standard provisos in-place... starved and time for lunch]

What to do, what to do... I could just copy and past a bunch of my material here, but that would just eat up space. So I will give links and meta-analysis! Yes!! That always snoozes people as they don't want to follow the links, do lots of supposition on what I use as the basis for my reasoning, rant and rave at my conceptions, and then squeal when I point out they are going from false premises and haven't actually *read* the basis for the meta analysis.

Or it will be ignored.

Either way, its faster, so let me begin:

The electorate today and how it could easily change with a few choice words inserted into the vituperation located here

The need to change the nature of the debate from immigration to Secessionist slavery cities here.

My first views on Transnationalism and Jacksonianism here. Foundation of the Republic on individualism and not Groups is here.

My first bit of intemperance to get past those trying to slap on Group labels and denigrate based on that and instead look at actions and their outcomes here. And then more just today here. Which has left me tired...

All of this looks at the Transnational Progressivist agenda for destruction of the Nation State based upon individuals and its working to give Groups more rights than individuals and replace rule by individuals with a form of social collectivism group rule with an elite group, the Progressives, over the other Groups. I relate this to Transnational Terrorism which is attempting to do the same thing via actively attacking States via non-State methods and asymmetrical warfare. This explains the Moderat Muslim silence phenomena which I do here.

So you have now eaten up your previously useful time and read a whole lot, or have decided to skip the intro and get to the meta-analysis.


Simply put: the social fabric of our society is being torn at by individuals that are condoning illegal activity, by those conducting illegal activity and by those not willing to stand up for National Sovereignty. The outcome of this are cities and municipalities breaking with 6 Articles of the Constitution and quite some number of Amendments and forming their own City-State enclaves for the exploitation of human labor, which we call coerced servitude or slavery. These areas have effectively declared secession from the Union by such activities.

Mexico has given considerable number of instances on a frequent basis for the US to respond via showing Casus Belli and us Jus ad bellum to require the stoppage of such or to use any action necessary to save the Sovereign territory of the United States from incursion. Note to all of those worried about your rights: a foreign country crossing legal boundaries of Nation States at will endangers your rights by reducing the effective territory where your rights can be enforced.

Also, low skill jobs today will not necessarily be here tomorrow. A permanent illegal underclass without work will turn into a nasty situation very quickly if not addressed now.

If you enjoy your freedoms within the Territory that is called the United States, then you should be properly appalled that sections of the citizenry have effectively declared non-enforcement of Federal law and have decided to take control of: foreign policy, immigration and naturalization, ruling upon treaties between Foreign Nations, treating with Foreign Agents and trafficking in illegal human labor and using either direct or indirect coercion to do so. Frankly I do not want to have to fight a Second Civil War over Slavery. I should think *once* was enough for the Union to wise up. And as this would of necessity embroil Mexico, this would turn into a very nasty war in which the United States may not see a need for a land or people of Mexico. This would cause a drastic increase in military spending above the peacetime level it is now at with about 5% of GDP directed into that area. A doubling of that percentage would give the world the idea that the US sees itself in a Global World War against enemies foreign and domestic and it would be quite correct in that assumption.

Again, please do note that I am speaking here about actions taken and their consequences and I, quite truthfully, do not give a damn about intent. *Compassion* to Groups and seeing Group struggle for rights above those of the individual will tear the Constitution into shreds as it is *not* a Group rights document or plan for governance.

By properly addressing issues, being unafraid to call those that perform actions names based on those actions and not upon ideas or race or economic status or any such thing, this makes those individuals supporting such actions *accountable* for those actions. Individuals *are* accountable for actions in this Republic, no matter how sweet their intent may be. And it is disgusting when I see people wanting to tear the social fabric to shreds being aided and abetted by those saying the intentions are benign. Those saying such are giving aid to those performing the actions.

In each of my posting I deal with further economic realities, but note that these things are in flux and that We The People by supporting non-viable agriculture are exacerbating the problem at PUBLIC EXPENENSE.

Once the action and accountability names stick because the names go with the actions, the attitudes towards those performing those actions will change drastically. Once Sanctuary Citie are addressed as Secessionist Slavery City States, where will the American public go? Enforced service and sub-minimal wage with the ability to threaten down to ZERO wage will not enthrall the Black Community in this nation, nor many other legal immigrants who spent time and money to get through the system legally.

Calling Acts of War by their proper name and demanding that they be stopped by another Sovereign State that has oversight of those performing the actions is a first step. Border defenses and militarization of same becomes a necessity. That is how you defend a Sovereign Nation: you enforce the rules between Nations. And as the military is not being asked to make decisions in this, their job would be to close the border with force while regular and more passive defenses are established.

All illegals of all colors and all nationalities and all races need to be put to work on building those defenses, turninging boulders into finely graded gravel or sand and then deported. They are here illegally no matter what their intention. They have broken the law as individuals for their own reasons. They are *not* Citizens. And if a country has given us Cause for War they can be considered as civilians caught up in combat if they actually try to cross a militarized border.

This is what Nation States *do* to remain Nation States. Any other answer is seeking to change the basics of our civil order, give groups precedence over individuals and undermine the Republic of Free Persons. If they want a Group rule state they may very well go somewhere else and form one up. That is not the foundation of this Nation and the Constitution does not allow for such. It speaks greatly on *persons* and *Citizens*, not on this Group or that Group.

And do not even *think* of trying to label my thoughts and then tar and demean me with your damn label. Doing so gets you the label of someone trying to perform thought control upon me and I reject that. Address the problems, look for solutions within the frameworks that have developed within this Nation and amongst Nations and then put those solutions to work. Labels on thought is Authoritarianism at work, and I reject that. Labels on actions are attributes to that action and its consequences and are fully and completely legitimate especially when upheld by a court of law.

The first is the Law of Rules, and allows for denigration based on labels applied by those that wish to stifle dissent.

The second is Rule of Law in which a perpetrator of actions is held accountable for them and if a label be denigrating it has been justly applied.

Call things for what they are by their actions and then be properly aghast by what that label means in a larger context.

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