15 October 2006

Are you a 'Defeatocrat'?

Well, with one Representative to the Congress not liking the term 'Defeatocrat' as applied to him, it is best to look at the leading indications of being a 'Defeatocrat'. Any of these major symptoms indicates that one is likely infected with 'Defeatocrat' disease:

Major Symptoms
  • An individual constantly criticizes the current Administration for conduct in conflicts in Afghanistan and/or Iraq.

  • An individual constantly criticizes the Secretary of Defense for having *shaken things up* or *gotten rid of future systems* or *pissing off long-term careerists in the Pentagon*.

  • Takes *any* opportunity that may look even a smidgen bad upon soldiers to indict the entire effort to fight to victory.

  • An individual states that Vietnam has proven that all wars are unwinnable and wrong, contrary to centuries of won wars that have established the basis for Nations, liberty and freedom.

  • An individual states that NOTHING is worth fighting for, ever, using force of arms.
If you have any of those then you are a prime candidate for being a 'Defeatocrat' and being grumpy, irritable, and complaining loudly to anyone around you that the whole world is going wrong. Now those last two points may also point to your being a 'Pacifist', which is a separate disease that can be confused with a religious doctrine and careful examination by a specialist can separate the two. But it is also used as an excuse not to take any active part on behalf or defense of one's Nation or oneself, ever, by those that do not have religious foundations for it. So, the first, being doctrinal is usually found to be in mild form as religions recognize that the harshness of the 'real world' requires that Nations do, actually, have to fight barbarians from time to time, that do *not* respect pacifism. Those that use it as an excuse to do nothing, however, are seen as thoroughly part of the 'Defeatocrat' disease.

The following are Secondary Conditions of the 'Defeatocrat' disease and any of them taken together may indicate an underlying problem indicating a Major Symptom. Secondary Conditions can be characterized by negativism, denial of the sovereignty of Nations to conduct their own affairs and pacifistic tendancies
Secondary Conditions
  • An individual offers NOTHING BETTER to achieve victory in any conflict or war that the Nation is involved in.

  • An individual states that leaving Iraq before it is stable is 'the only thing we can do' to save the troops or that it is 'unwinnable' or a 'quagmire'.

  • An individual states that the United States is *the problem* in anything that happens anywhere.

  • An individual states that 'free trade' will bring liberty to the world and NOT give cheap arms and armaments to the enemies of the Nation.

  • An individual states that Nations cannot achieve 'peace through strength' and that is just another guise of militarism.

  • An individual states that there are no individuals trying to establish an Empire that would endanger Free People.

  • An individual states that money spent on the military is a *waste* of money.

  • An individual states that 'mounting death tolls' indicate defeat and will not use that for *anything* else in any other circumstance to indicate same.

  • An individual constantly asks - 'Why do they hate us?'
These Secondary Conditions can be caused by overuse of Mainstream Media 'news' outlets and 'reports' as a sole or primary means of understanding the World. The contributors to this condition include the following 'news' organizations, that should be eliminated or taken strictly in small doses with large amounts of background investigation on the 'facts' of anything they purport. In general, anything that is put out by them, save for pure facts that *cannot* be spun, such as the rising and setting of the sun for a locale, may be taken at face value.
Suspect Contributing Sources:

  • Reuters

  • Agence France Press

  • Associated Press

  • New York Times and all affiliated newspapers including the Boston Globe and International Herald Tribune

  • Washington Post

  • ABC

  • CBS

  • NBC

  • Fox News when looking at any story *not* including photogenic young women in trouble.

  • Los Angeles Times

  • Any Newspaper in Seattle

  • Any Newspaper in San Francisco
That list is not conclusory, but if one finds themselves quoting voluminously from pieces contained in any of them and not checking the validity of the reporter, analyst or 'commentator', then one may begin to suffer forms of 'Defeatocrat' disease and begin to look poorly on the Nation. A tell tale sign of problems for media misreporting includes: 'Maureen Dowd ellipses syndrome', 'un-named sources', 'senior officials' that are not on the record, any 'off the record briefing', any images originating from a conflict taken by any of these organizations, undated 'facts' in any piece, and the use of any 'retired military officer' that has been retired for more than 3 years or a recently retired officer that is using any conflict as an excuse to retire instead of fixing the system from the inside.

The remedy is to take any piece that one agrees with and to thoroughly background it and find all sources and quotations to ensure that all individuals quoted have had their actual quote taken in meaningful context and not misconstrued via extraction that is contrary to their overall statement. Additionally look to these news sources and see how well they report on something you DO KNOW A LOT ABOUT. If they get views and details wrong there, then they are suspect across the board.

There are associated Tertiary Symptoms to this disease and will include any number of the following and tend to indicate tendancies towards being a 'Defeatocrat' or attempts to obscure the disease itself.
Tertiary Symptoms

  • The individual states that the draft is the 'only way to involve the Country as a whole' in armed conflict, contrary to the specific warfighting Powers listed in the Constitution.

  • An individual states that 'open borders' are a right to all people.

  • An individual states that unchecked free flow of individuals into the Nation will *not* include terrorists.

  • An individual states that illegal immigrants should be given recognition for good work *after* doing something illegal.

  • An individual states that the US should fight *wars of conscience* that are of no benefit to the Republic and puts soldiers in harms way to help far-off downtrodden people who have gotten themselves into their own mess and *will not* clean it up.

  • An individual purports that the UN and bringing tyrants in to *help* negotiations actually achieves something.

  • An individual states that *patriotism* is used unjustly as an argument point against them.

  • An individual in an argument calls the other person a 'bigot', 'racist', 'fascist', or 'McCarthyist'.

  • An individual states that the United States needs to be 'loved' in the world and that we must find ways to get our enemies to stop being 'enemies' and do NOTHING to help our friends.

  • An individual states that the United States must follow 'International Law' but then cannot cite the specific law involved, its enforcement body or when Citizens actually had a chance to debate it and vote on it.
These are all tell-tale warning signs of being a 'Defeatocrat' or being infected with it and not recognizing the condition.

This condition is usually not terminal to the patient, but long term infection of this disease in the Nation is fatal.

One surefire remedy is to have that individual put down, in writing, what they actually would, personally, as an individual fight for. Now, this can show up *other* contributing conditions such as 'Red Disease' which involves such terminology as 'manning the barricades against the capitalist oppressors' or 'uprising of the working class'. Those are both major contributors to 'Defeatorcrat' disease and usually *not* amenable to peaceable discussion about other outlooks in life. Indicators of other diseases include: 'killing the Rulers' which usually indicates a bent towards 'Anarchist syndrome', ending the 'repression of our furry cousins' which indicates rampant 'Animal associative fixation' and nothing, which indicates Apathy, a leading cause of problems amongst individuals of any sort. With secondary diagnostic tests like this and other, further, tests to ensure that the individual does not have 'Chomskyitis', 'Ward Churchill inflammation', 'Krugman dissociative disorder', 'Ivins divination dementia', 'Code Pink rash' or 'Kos condition', the individual may need to have some materials removed from their possession and replaced with large information volumes like encyclopedias and the output from the last available census put in their place. Further, concepts like: fact-checking, accepting statements at face valuation, and taking time to 'settle down' may be necessary. Increased blood pressure is a sure-fire sign of problems after having anything noted in the above Primary, Secondary and Tertiary areas.

In general there is a bleak outlook for such individuals as they revert to juvenile behavior and thought patterns and use terms more properly used in grade school cafeterias. Many will further assert that they are part of some 'reality based community', and yet be unable to point to those things that would anchor them to reality, preferring, instead, to make up things that they assert as 'real' but have no existence in actual fact. And when this is pointed out and they do *not* use the terminology discussed in the Tertiary area, they will often start to contract 'Kennedientia' which is a form of 'Conspiraciosity virulens' which makes an individual start to look for secret motives behind everything and disbelieves that things are done for any stated reason and are part of some greater 'conspiracy'. If things like 'Birchers', 'The Pope', 'The Jews', 'Halliburton', 'The Illuminati', 'Rosicrucians', 'Knights Templar', 'Free Masons' or similar are cited time and again, then deep, professional help may be necessary to prevent truly catastrophic mental disorders from taking place.

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