26 October 2006

The Quest for DSL, the soda straw of wireless

As last we left our hapless wanderer, left in the depths of beyond by the degenerating thing once known as MCI, he had, indeed, offered agreeability to the Evil Empire of Verizon. And as that creature was still feasting upon the remains of MCI it was more than happy to take on those that had been spilled by its rapacious hunger. But that would be no overnight arrival of capability and so the wanderer was using his ancient device to gain what little he could via the open access point of a neighbor. That ancient machine is used for very little and is not well situated to *anything* and thus a true physical pain to work at.

The powerful device he had created before even worse creatures had laid him low was, indeed, to advanced for simple things and required configurations beyond the ken of industry, heretofore. Unable to achieve wireless with it he was bereft of power, speedy interface and comfortable seating. He had worked some at trying to find some way to achieve those previous confines, even with such meager sustenance as was available. The same story greeted this bout as the other save for the glimmer of hope offered in a small forum in the depths of the cyberspace. There the solution was given, hidden from the eyes of mere mortals: use a wireless game access device.

Forsooth! This wanderer had never thought of such things beyond the USBness creations nor even *heard* of such as he could not picture a gamer so slothful as to need such. And so, by agonizing slowness, he went back to the company that had been more amicably devoured and sought such magical device as was made by the company once known as Linksys. Now Cisco, in truth, and mere 'brand name', they did, indeed, offer slothful gamers who sought easy wireless compatibility a computer neutral device to do same, more or less. Not skimping, as this, if it works, would be a panacea of sorts, he sought out such at the lowest price he could get from a source that makes 'back of beyond' look like a next door neighbor.

And, lo! It was ordered.

And, lo! It was delivered in a timely fashion.

And, lo! It *works* once said adventurer stopped PLAYING WITH IT, and just did the dead simple setup and LEFT IT ALONE! There are times that simple wanderer needs be more simple...

And so it works this wonderment and it is shown from its wonderful source image:
It doth work!


And a 'Huzzah!' went up quietly from the sequestered environs of the wanderers space of solitude, so as not to scare the cats.

So as the valiant forces of Speakeasy doth wait for the Evil Empire of Verizon to finish their nether work of typing in a few commands here and there, the wanderer can finally rest somewhat.

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