09 October 2006

From the Summer of Discontent to the Fall of Building Fury

The Summer of Our Discontent was capped off by this inane scandal mongering by Leftists seeking to distract the Nation from being a Nation and standing *for* something other than interest groups.

Summer is over, now.

Welcome to the Fall of the Building Fury.

North Korea has just let the World know that all of the wonderful 'International Diplomacy' and 'Multilateral Efforts' and 'UN Oversight' are worthless in this World we live in.

Blame for this activity directly and squarely falls on Red China, which has had the ability to monitor, regulate and hold accountable its North Korean neighbor ever since it STEPPED IN to save it during the Korean war. They did not want a direct border with a democratic and liberal Korea, and so they wanted a 'buffer state' between it and the West. They propped up North Korea, supplied it, funded it and provided it with diplomatic cover time and time again. The US is not at fault for the behavior of Red China. We are at fault for not *responding* to their diplomatic incompetence, their inability to do *anything* and the abrogation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty right on their doorstep. The United States is responsible for not responding to these things by placing the blame squarely on China's doorstep.

Putting forth 'International Commissions' or 'IAEA Oversight' or anything that smacks of watered down 'diplomacy by committee, but do nothing in reality' is one of failure for now and forevermore. Nations come together to do things in *common* and trying to establish some huge, global framework has failed: it failed the League of Nations, it failed in Israel, it failed in Korea, it failed in Rwanda, it failed in Somalia, it fails to this day in the Balkans. Wherever the UN or other large, multilateral group of Nations that has diverse vested interests for different outcomes is put together it fails because those that are seeking different outcomes work to undermine the 'high ideals' of the larger body. All National politics is *local* be it for local elections or what the needs of an entire Nation are in its geographic region.

Every form of direct diplomacy has FAILED with North Korea. Multilateral talks amongst their Neighbors has failed. Direct, bi-lateral talks that appeased them not only failed, but encouraged them to do *more* nefarious things. Lumping them in with China has failed. Not addressing them in *any way* has failed. This litany of failure is one that is repeated for Pakistan and India, repeated for other Nations that work to subvert commerce to give them relatively low tech capability to make nuclear devices. This 'genie' cannot be put back into any 'bottle' as it is based on PHYSICS. You cannot repeal the laws of physics for some Nations, as much as we might like to do so. They are Universal. They are Everywhere. We must recognize that and deal with *that* and the fact that anyone that can figure out the refining, equations and detonation of regular explosives can make a nuclear device. Aum Shinrikyo stopped after buying land that had uranium ore in low concentrations in Australia because they would need to make or buy refining equipment. You will note that they *kept* the land, even while going ahead with smaller and deadlier concepts. And, because they were from an Industrialized and Westernized State that has democratic institutions they were able to go ahead and BUY advanced manufacturing equipment.

We have lacked the ability and foresight to see that clearly demonstrated post-WWII International Institutions may *start* with high ideals and concepts, but they get corroded and eroded once *anyone* can join them. Soon the thugs and bureaucrats and the *do nothing and hurt no one* folks swarm into it and it dies the death of lethargy and inaction.

In the United States the biennial elections have come upon Us. This is for mere Representatives and 1/3 of the Senate. These are individuals that cannot chart the course of Foreign Policy. But they are to UPHOLD that policy so long as it protects the Nation and to offer alternatives to *better protect* the Nation when the foreign policy does not do so. Congress, unfortunately, does not uphold its full powers any longer. They seek to *fix* things via taxes (lower or higher), *new* programs which sap the Federal Budget along with the older ones they REFUSE to fix, and do not even CONSIDER putting forth that the Citizens of this Nation should be given Warrant to impede our declared Enemies and those that are hostile to us by ending their trade so as to weaken them.

The ideology of the Left, which was to appease anyone who is hostile to us and 'find out why they hate us' brought terrorism harshly to Our Shores and they now refuse to deal with the fact that we are *hated* because we endorse liberty, freedom and individual rights. Further, these groups want to sub-divide the Nation into ethnic, cultural and provisional areas so as to further divide the commonality of the People and bring this Nation *down*. That is their spectrum of death for America: stop no enemies, fight no wars, put forth no means of joining the Nation together and then denigrate anyone who DOES try to do these things as imperialists, racists or just plain stupid.

The ideology of the Right has also failed us in trying to get this fool notion that free trade, everywhere, and expansion of business is liberating and will bring about democratic reform because of the dissemination of economic wealth. This concept has, instead, led to the formation of smaller and unaccountable armed groups on an international basis that can find cheap weapons for delivery to them so as to *attack* the structure of Nations and, thus, of international commerce. Free Trade has brought this world to the brink of global destabilization because there is NO accountability to it. By divorcing Free Trade from responsibility, irresponsible trade and trade that undermines Nations is not only *permitted* but *encouraged*.

Appeasement of Nations and groups that hate the United States for being a Free People has not worked.

Bribing them with cheap goods has not worked.

Putting forth *no standards* of accountability and consequences has not only *not* worked, it has put us all at deadly peril for the long haul.

Internally the United States is now dividing itself up into areas that have shredded the Constitution and declared their own foreign policy, domestic policy, citizenship status, working status and empowered the end of the Union by endorsing slave labor. We are further divided by truly inane ideas that the Federal Government is a money chest to be used when people make foolish economic decisions for their own welfare, be it retirement or health care costs. Those two eat up the LARGEST part of the Federal Budget dwarfing the ENTIRE 'discretionary' portion of the budget. Politicians stay in power by bribing their constituents with retirement gifts, health care, and then put on heaping spoonfuls of pork to bribe businesses further. When you shake these two toxins together you get a venom that puts forth that Americans are unwilling to work, unable to figure out the basics of life and need to have *everything* handed to them by the Federal Government.

We the Dependents of America.

Foreign policy is a gauge of this symptomatology. It has been rising to a fever ever since the Cold War removed the ice pack from the National forehead and we are now starting to feel this long lasting venom as it eats away at the Nation. Finding *common ground* is gone in America. The two party systems has moved to polarization on EVERY issue before it and they will allow NO rhetorical space to appear between them because it will be vehemently attacked by BOTH of them. At one point Foreign Policy united the Nation and it actually did so for over a century and for nearly two centuries. That ended in 1974.

The North Korean detonation of a nuclear device is the direct result of impotent Foreign Policy that does not bind the Nation together. We have agreed to disagree on home matters, but when it came to Foreign Policy the United States stood united against a hostile world. The corrosion of that during the late 1960's and early 1970's started to dissolve the last binding elements of the Nation until We have even forgotten that it is honorable to HAVE a Nation of Free People. To address North Korea We must step back to methods for the Nation that are Honorable and that have commonality and understanding between Us. And to do *that* we will have to jettison much of the last 30 years of ideology on practically EVERYTHING.

And what basis of commonality is remaining in these ever divided and fractionated United States?


This compact between individuals is what started this Nation forward as We found commonality amongst ourselves and came together as friends to Make a Nation. As we grew friendships have remained important and still is, to this day. But that, too, has been watered down so that 'acquaintances' are now as much or more important than 'friends'. Acquaintances do not, of necessity, back you in anything: friends do that. And to be worthy of *being* a friend, one must act in a friendly manner: extending the hand of help and understanding and be willing to listen and learn about someone else. That grows lives together and knits the Nation together, even in this era of quickly moving information. The friend is the one that shows up to bail you out of a bad situation, who comes across this Nation because you are in Need, who does things *for* you because they see that you are worthy of having such things and they enjoy the giving and the reciprocity of appreciation.

Friendship, like so many other things I look at, is *simple* but not ever *simplistic*.

We have been looked at by ideologues that put forth *simplistic* ideas and denigrate us when we hold *simple* ideals that lead us to deeper and more meaningful ends.

Friendship is actually a 'scale free' concept of networking because it requires working *at* the friendship to build understanding and reciprocity. One must *give* to *get*, and learn the humility and honor of being able to *receive* graciously. Even if it is something you don't appreciate, a FRIEND has given it to you. This is the person that cares and looks out for you: he or she 'has your back' so that you do *not* get hit from behind.

The United States has some few friends in this world and they NEED our help and backing so that We may be worth HAVING as a friend.

Today three of them have been put On Notice that their local neighborhood has just gone to hell in a hand basket. Japan, South Korea and Taiwan are now put at peril because we have not stood robustly beside them and helped to bring the idea to Red China that America values its Friends and Allies above all else. Above politics. Above economics. Above pissing Red China off.

We have not done that as a Nation much of anyplace. We have been a damn poor friend for decades, ever since the bonds of Foreign Policy were undone by those seeking to bring the Nation down and enhanced by those that wanted to move around ideas of Nation for trade and commerce. Neither of those have worked and we are NOW paying the price for being a piss poor friend and negligent Ally and not learning how to GIVE gifts and ACCEPT same in return and say 'Thank you'.

What has this Nation done for Eastern Europe that held to Our ideals and used them to break the foundations of the Soviet Union? They did not swear fealty to Us but *joined* us in seeking liberty, freedom and democracy to make themselves better. To this day when the call goes out, the Nation that led that has answered Our Call be it in Afghanistan, Iraq or, indeed, anyplace. We give call for 2,500 troops and THEY ante up 600 because they see us as FRIENDS. They understand how this works and we do not learn to say 'Thank you' heartily to them and show them We understand the value of simple friendship.

Dumb Polska, huh?

Well, they stopped Islam once, Communism once, sent troops to these colonists putting forth ideals of liberty and freedom and, in general, have outlasted *every* attempt to destroy their Nation. They have stood by Us more than our Own political spectrum has in WHOLE. Who is it that answers the call in the night when you are endanger and comes with help?

A friend.

Poland is a friend of the United States.

We stood by Great Britain during bombings, during wars and fought with them so that they could remain Free. Even once We broke from them the commonality of culture and heritage started bonds of friendship that have been strained but never broken once mended.

Great Britain is a friend of the United States.

Australia was a Nation of exiles, of people seeking to escape bad places and generally having a pioneering spirit far and above their size as a Nation. We formed bonds of closeness and understanding with them and when the call in *any* conflict came be it Korea, Viet Nam, the Balkans, Afghanistan or Iraq, they have come to help again and again. And just how, exactly, does the United States honor them and be worthy of such friendship?

Australia is a friend of the United States.

Our neighbor to the north, Canada, so close and yet so far away, has waxed and waned politically, but has always been able to 'punch above their weight class' when push comes to shove. Stalwart Canadians showed us how to fight in bad places in this world in two world wars and helped us to get up to speed on that when We needed to. We formed a Mountain Brigade with their help and those remain the best trained troops for that sort of fighting from the United States. Canadians have taken on tough jobs and handled them in warfare when it *counts*. Their politics have swayed over time, and they have always maintained their separate identity from the United States and yet sent us appreciation for Our being here and have sent troops to many dirty fights and are showing how to take the brunt of the fighting in Afghanistan where their Mountain forces *count*.

Canada is a friend of the United States.

After defeating Imperial Japan, the United States ensured that Japan would not rise as an Imperial Nation again by bringing openness and democracy to them. Their ability to defend themselves was limited by such restrictions, but when the need for engineering and medical troops and aid arose, Japan has answered that call from Us time and time again. When we need to work on a project of Global importance, they are one We can turn to for help and insight. Now they are letting us know that they are ready and willing to defend themselves beyond the compact fighting forces they have previously had. They understand liberty, freedom, democracy and responsibility and have become a Great Nation, not just a Big one. They have sent aid and support to hard places in this world when We asked them to, and they have responded. What We have done for them *lately* that deserves such things is beyond me, but they, apparently, believe in Us more than We do.

Japan is a Friend of the United States.

In 1948 there was a land divided out of an impoverished scrap of an Empire and given to two peoples to make of it what they could. One made a Nation and fought and held it against all odds. The other people decided to squabble and vituperate and not make much of anything of themselves. Israel made a Nation worth having and invented ways of surviving, thriving and prospering all out of proportion with their population. We have joined with them and the best We have been able to help them defend themselves, but they have NEVER called upon US to 'catch their backs' for them. Not ONCE. We have helped in mere 'ceasefires' and getting some peace with a couple of neighbors, but the general neighborhood remains hostile to them because they have DARED to make democracy work for themselves in a land that has preferred Empires. For Our meager aid they see Us as friends... damned if I know why considering the bounty of Our table and the mere leavings we send to them.

Israel is a friend of the United States.

So what, exactly, is it that We the People are doing to *deserve* these friends?

Damned little, it seems.

Perhaps those that have been asking why others 'hate us' should be asking 'why do we deserve to have friends like these?' The folks asking the 'hate' question have been doing damned little to deserve much of anything on that front, that is for sure.

And those putting forth this Free Trade concept seem to want to reserve the 'real deal' of open trade with those that are easy to get to geographically. And those that are distant but worthy of having NO tariffs, NO impedance and should be WELCOMED as EQUAL PARTNERS into Our Economy? Why free trade for Mexico, which is sending us their poor they can't deal with, and not with Poland, UK, Australia, Israel, Japan and many other Nations that actually *deserve* that gift as a FRIEND? Care to tell me how liberating this free trade has been to China and Mexico? Or is it only 'free trade of convenience to your business backers'?

This Nation has enemies in abundance at this point in time, and from the affairs that have been put in place by previous Administrations and by the ideologues that have driven them, We have made that a cheap proposition to do. Now we actually need to join with Our Friends and Allies to 'catch each other's backs' and find that we do not even know how to *state* the question.


Because We are realizing that We have been a damn poor friend for decades.

By joining with those few Nations that are *real* friends of the US, those that send us help even when they *disagree* with Us, they are *not* kowtowing to Hyperpower, but honoring a long felt and lasting friendship that stretches back into the past between Peoples and their Nations. Our enemies wish to dissolve those few ties and finally rend this world asunder so that they may install the concept of Empires once again and for good and all.

North Korea has been a backer of that in the narcotics trade, the undermining of the banking system, in the proliferation of missile technology, in kidnapping foreigners and holding them for decades, and now in producing a nuclear device and possibly more of them in the near future. China is no friend or ally to the United States. Their inaction and unwillingness to HELP and end this situation now puts Our Allies at increasing risk.

If we do NOT respond effectively, if we seek some sort of *control* treaty or if we look for more *multi/bi-lateral* talks, we will know that We are not serious about standing up with Friends and Allies to protect them.

Let Us offer them the capability to defend themselves in UNEQUAL proportion to the threat. As the threat increases, the counter to it builds *dramatically*. China will not like this. And what is the point of that? They have done NOTHING so far and prefer to see Our Friends and Allies threatened.

So be it.

They wanted a Nuclear Neighborhood.

We should oblige and help Our Friends and Allies in creating one.


South Korea.


Threaten the United States and We can raise the ante and dash dreams of taking over a small island of people wishing to find their Own way. We will protect a free people from their despotic brother to their north. And an island that has sought peace and freedom for generations with our initial guidance can now be given a bit of further help to make counterforce and finding ways to stop the local threat far and above what We can do.

These three Nations are innovative, industrialized, and FREE. They have NO imperial ambitions and are NO threat to *anyone*. And now they are threatened. We can help for a stop gap and 'catch their backs' and help them to each *counter* this threat and stand on their own to defend themselves rightfully and justly.

The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is as dead as a doornail.

Let us bury it and let the voices of free people speak out in the soft whisper of defense against the boastful claims of despots, tyrants and those seeking to bring an end to All Nations.

That is what America can do.

If We are a Friend worth having.

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