28 October 2006

The Do Nothing Nation

This one from the disreputable AFP, so it may not have actually been said, check your local chicken entrails to make sure. Coming from Ehud Olmert talking about the 'International Community':

"Like the 1930s in Germany, the international community hears voices today calling for the destruction of Israel and does nothing," he said Friday during a speech at the country's Holocaust memorial, Yad Vashem.
And since there is no Nation greater than that of the United States we find ourselves accused of doing nothing! Yes, of being slothful!

And, yea and verily, this is TRUE!

America wishes to ascend and excel at all thing and one of the foremost of those is being slothful and slovenly! We much prefer to do nothing to the point where we wish to be the very foundational definition of *doing nothing*. If nothing can be done then Americans will find a way to do it 50% slower than any other people on this planet! And we go further in our attempt to reach these great heights of sloth so that no one can ever attempt to compare us to anything better, save a corpse which has *perfected* slothfulness.

The United States sits at the Pinnacle of the Pyramid of Procrastination and prefers to put off what should be done today until tomorrow in the grand hopes that someone *else* will take care of it FOR US! Yes, as the Head of this 'International Community' and Commander in Chief of Chastisement we will berate everyone else for not doing a damn thing and then berate ourselves for the same and take much more time in the debating than in the actual time it would take to get things done. What other Nation would put off defeating an enemy for over 10 years and debate the pros and cons and whys and wherefores of the actual doing when the actual doing only takes 3 months?

But the United States goes even *further* in its broadened conceptions of sloth and laziness to attempt new heights of it so that we may be even further removed from the actual affairs of the world so as not to be bothered by them. What other Nation, once taking an action, then so heavily chastises itself on a continual basis that minor problems fester into world damaging catastrophes? We *still* haven't figured out what to do when National soil is violated overseas and the debating on that has given the enemies of the world time to try and figure out if there is ANYTHING that will move America, save a largish asteroid hitting in Topeka, which would REMOVE it from the face of the planet. We argue and complain so bitterly and continuously that the LAST place anyone should go for ACTION is the United States of America, because we GUARANTEE that no one, no where will do it slower than WE DO.

When people see movies of Action Heroes from the United States, they must remember that we put those up of examples of what NOT to do! Never, ever take up arms against your enemies unless you *first* debate the question for a decade or more. And then, if the enemy gets so bothersome as to actually kill US Citizens we will send BUREAUCRATS to investigate, thus giving the perfect *Slothful Seal of Approval* by the United States Government that NOTHING WILL BE DONE. No other Nation has ever done this to the degree that the American people do and we are DAMN PROUD OF THAT FACT!

And when we finally do take action to do anything, the first thing we do thereafter is to have a Government Inquiry on if the action was a 'good thing', if it was done in a 'timely manner', if the proper sums have all been accounted for, if the decisions of actually *doing* the decision were done right, and, then, to hand out blame for those individuals who did NOT have Deific qualities of foresight into the future and proved to be mere, fallible humans. And that is for something so simple as putting in a Sewer Line that *everyone* needs. Yes! And then you should see what we do for DRUG APPROVAL! And none of these compares to the heights of indolence and vituperation from Americans sitting in chairs on such things as the presence or absence of three words that have been on the National Currency for Generations! Oh, no other people on the planet can reach these lofty heights of non-action and sluggishness.

The goal of any Governmental Inquiry is to spend more time and money than was spent on the ORIGINAL ACTION, so that people learn that having to do things costs more than double to the Nation. We see no wrong that cannot be righted without having to first make the conditions worse, and only *then* throw our hands up and say it isn't worth the time to do it anymore.

All of this is done so the next fool individual who suggests action will have so much longer to get anything looked at, will be so ridiculed, have their background investigated all the way back to conception and find out if their toilet training went well, that no one will suggest doing anything. While we cannot perfect the sloth of the grave, we aim to perfect the sloth of the living to the greatest extent and beyond the wildest dreams of 19th century opium dens or 1960's communes. Our greatest saying is: "God helps those who helps themselves" That said, we expect everyone else to help themselves FIRST so that we don't have to be bothered with it! And after that you look to God, not to the United States.

When it comes to 'Action Heroics' the American people prefer to point fingers and complain at anyone who suggests doing anything, anywhere that might actually HELP the Nation. The reason that the US does not follow the sane lead of its neighbor to the south in regard to its *own* southern neighbors is that taking action sets a *bad example*, and we dare not do that as a committee would then be needed to investigate that. We prefer to set NO example on anything save the molasses slowness of our beings in doing things, so that the concept of activity is banished forevermore from the world and the universe.

The American people see all of their rights for themselves and the right of not doing a DAMN THING is the foremost of all rights inherent in mankind. We are impressed by the Japanese people making so many interesting labor saving devices, but less than impressed with their industry and forthright attitude and are doing our best to infect them with good old US sloth. It has worked so well that their population has even tired of reproduction and is in a heavy downward spiral. That is why so many legal immigrants are needed in the US: we are too lazy to have sex and raise children! The number one goal of the United States is to stop all endeavors by other Nations to *do things* and get them to the point where they complain far more than they do anything.

Soon we hope the entire human race will expire from laziness and the awesome achievements of the United States will have won over the planet to the point where it gives up this idea of remaining in orbit and falls into the Sun!

That is the Goal of the United States: to ensure the right of sloth is enforced throughout the world.

And we put the 'L' and the 'H' into sloth as the other letters are busy in 'United States of America'.

When the time comes we will reclaim those letters and give the *true meaning* to the Citizens of the United States and their slothful behavior.

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