24 October 2006

The New Republican Weapon - Laughter

The Republicans are now deploying one of the most devastating political ads I have witnessed in ages. The Alabama Liberation Front has a wonderful encapsulation of the cosmic dissonance that is being deployed (hat-tip to Instapundit) by the RNC.

I mean, Republicans can *do* humor?

Who knew??

Add this to the First Zucker Ad on North Korea
and the Second Zucker Ad on the coming of the tax man, and you have a trio of highly pointed, devastating and critical political ads seen in a generation if EVER.
These ads are toxic as seen by the vehement responses, defensiveness and pure vitriol that is brought against them. Attempts to go after the First Zucker Ad were brought by so many that *caused* the problem by not attempting to hold North Korea to its agreement in the first place. The second one is already bringing forth charges that Republicans have been spending freely, that purchasing power is really going down, that wages are stagnant that you can add the CPI to inflation.... which it already accounts for, which I explored here. And from ALF we see the charges of RACISM brought against the RNC ad produced against Ford.

This media attack is utterly ingenious and fully within the decorum of the political fray and, in point of fact, holds itself *above* the fray by not shouting, by not pounding tables and by not scare mongering. It is very hard to be afraid when you are laughing. And this is from the political party of stuffed suits, primness and greedy business tycoons. Where have they been HIDING the geniuses behind these sorts of things? Drop one of this type of ad every week for the next two years and the Democratic Party will either have a collective coronary or be laughed out of existence. The whining and moaning and bitching are already starting and the more this gentle ribbing continues the worse the Democrats will get because they are beholden to the humorless LEFT.

Keep it up Republicans! I still have loads of disdain for a Party that cannot stand by what it got to majority on, but this form of advertising is cleansing to the body politic. And the Zucker folks are *Democrats* and believe that this will help express their feelings for a Party deserting them.

Pray that the Democrats remain clueless and committed enough to not figure this out as humor is so far out of their realm these days that they do not even understand it. They DESERVE IT.

And when it is turned around on you, then let me say, right up front, that so do YOU. But a pie fight has to start somewhere and I suggest you keep baking them, week-in and week-out. Until we get the politics we deserve: because if we can't laugh at it we would be crying.


ZWOLFF said...

Wow. Those ads are really something. Thanks for posting them. You're comments were interesting as well. The American public will yell "foul play" and "dirty politics," yet won't take the time to be politically involved. We are getting exactly what we deserve and seem to want.

A Jacksonian said...

ZWOLFF - I was absolutely stunned and laughing hard with that first Zucker ad. The RNC is *nuts* not to buy 1.5 minutes of airtime during two or three popular shows every day to election day. And now change that with the 'Taxman' ad from Zucker. The screaming will be heard and when voters get to the booth, the picture of Kim Jong-il playing basketball... ahh...

I had never, ever, in my life, expected such from the Republicans. A pure strategic advantage that can be pushed hard each and every week for two years and *they* have the head start! Pay Zucker a *mint* and keep it up.

Thank you for dropping by, and I am glad you liked the post.