29 July 2006

An agreement to 'disarm' Hezbollah and what it should look like

A hat tip to Captain's Quarters Blog on this news item from an AP Reporter via Yahoo! News.

Now, as they want to consider themselves a 'Guerilla' organization, this military section of Hezbollah can do the fine thing that an aggressor in a war does when they consider themselves defeated: Surrender Unconditionally.

Israel may work out other agreements with the Government of Lebanon, but this military part of Hezbollah should be required to surrender without reservation and without being able to set pre-conditions.

Such a surrender, I would imagine, would consist of the following:

  1. All current Hezbollah fighters, administrators or any members dealing with this military organization are to head to detention areas where they will relinquish their arms, possibly to UN forces that will tally and track each piece of equipment, register each individual and send them on for further processing and demobilization.

  2. All prisoners held by Hezbollah shall be turned over to the UN and third party medical organization for interview and checking upon condition of that individual. Hezbollah captors will be named for each and held accountable for any crimes committed upon prisoners under their oversight.

  3. Hezbollah shall present a complete listing of all of its equipment, men and supplies, their locations. Israeli forces with a UN observer will then go to each of these places and bring such things in for further documenting by the UN. Under no account will the UN do this on its own, it is merely an observer.

  4. All Hezbollah members of the 'Guerilla' forces shall be interviewed by Israeli Military forces, and have a UN observer present in each case to document that nothing illegal has taken place.

  5. All Hezbollah members will be put under Israeli military law for adjudication. If they adjudicate that a member is not worth trying via their system or is not culpable for war crimes, they will be documented as such. Other members to be tried will be held by Israeli military forces and given the normal access to Red Cross/Red Crescent and other things agreed to under the Geneva Conventions by Israel.

  6. All released Hezbollah members will be recorded. If any take up arms against Israel for any reason AGAIN and are captured, they will be summarily executed. If any commits crimes against Israel and is found guilty, they shall be summarily executed.

  7. All Israeli military court proceedings shall be attended by a single UN observer. If the detainee does not wish for an Israeli lawyer, the UN may offer a lawyer or the individual may represent themself in court.

  8. All standard Israeli military recourses are available to these detainees. Israeli military justice has final say on each and every case.

  9. If, in the listing of activities, a UN panel sees a cause for high War Crimes or Crimes Against Humanity by any Hezbollah detainee, they may request to hold an international court proceeding IN Israel after normal Israeli military proceedings are concluded with that individual.

  10. Hezbollah, as a complete political and military organization shall be held accountable for the funds to repair the damage they have caused and pay death benefits to those killed by such attacks.

  11. Hezbollah's political arm shall sign off on a change to their charter that renounces all claims against Israel, renounces all goals against Israel, renounces seeking military domination of Lebanon, renounces all separate State based interactions for arms and military supplies from Foreign Nations, affirms the right of Israel to Exist and that her borders are sacrosanct. Any member of Hezbollah that does not agree to this, shall be considered an OUTLAW by the UN and have warrants for their capture and return to custody put up. If the UN is unwilling to do this, it will be considered a null and void organization for this agreement and other, multilateral oversight and observation shall be sought.

  12. Any identified member of the Hezbollah forces that does not show up, within a given timeframe, shall immediately be declared an OUTLAW and international criminal that is committing a war crime by not honorably standing down.

  13. No part of Hezbollah may place any demands upon Israel and must give up all past claims against Israel.

  14. The State of Lebanon and Israel can work out their differences as they see fit in regards to prisoner exchanges.
That is how a fighting force honorably stands down and surrenders and disarms.

I would expect that Israel would *insist* upon something like this.

Israel has played absolutely and thoroughly to the rules and they would ensure that surrender to them was: Complete, Just and Honorable.

Now it is time for Hezbollah to see if it can *live* with its actions.

The time for 'half-a-loaf' is over. Hezbollah went for everything and when they want to stand down, they must MEAN IT.


Mike's America said...

Oh... good for a laugh on Monday.

This has got to be comedy!

If only these were the terms!

A Jacksonian said...

mike - It is humor, but dark humor to say the least. This would abide by *all* international treaties and conventions and would give *no one* a reason to quibble.

Sadly, our idea of what war actually *means* has been so eroded by terrorism that we do not take such solutions seriously. And that will be another support taken out from under the Nation State.... if you cannot legitimately *defeat* an enemy, save by thorough eradication, then rules of warfare become meaningless and useless. Instead of promoting a 'kinder and more civilized' treatment for illegally armed militants, those supporting such are making it almost mandatory to fight such groups to the last individual supporter.

Or surrender at any threat so as to harm no one... and be harmed in that doing...

Dark, dark humor...

Mike's America said...

As you point out, the problem with any agreement, even a weak one, is that you have one side which has a history of blatant cheating.

And while the U.S. and E.U. and the U.N. hold Israel accountable for implementing agreements, we just throw our hands up when the Islamo fanatics cheat.

I'm tired of that game.

A Jacksonian said...

mike - What I am calling for is the basic re-instatement of the Nation State conception on how to deal with things. Letting aggressors go or taking a 'cease fire' with a non-Nation State military is asinine as there is *no* recourse to any method to hold them accountable.

That is the basis for my Peace in the Middle East checklist. Deal with non-State military players harshly and without remorse, defund all their support organizations and declare them to be terrorist organizations in and of themselves, and hammer home the concept that if terrorists take up home in your Nation, your Nation is held accountable.

Transnationalist concepts from both the Progressivists and Terrorists have combined to get us into this ugly state of things on a global scale. It is time and time past to end that and stop caring about 'how we look to other Nations' or 'root causes' that can never be *found*. Actions are the basis for accountability NOT intent. Support terrorists and you ARE one. That goes for the IRA, FARC, Shining Path, Hezbollah, Hamas, PLO, etc., etc. without respect to Nationality or intention. Threaten civilians without taking up a flag, taking up a uniform and putting forth a government, then you should be a target in that doing.

The Nation State has given us the opportunity of Individual Freedom and Liberty.

Transnationalists look to destroy that and put in groups and victimhood and equality of results based on that and not on individual effort or worthiness.

I don't care where this battle starts, but it MUST be started or everything built up since Westphalia is put at risk. Hezbollah is a great *starting* point. So is Syria. Lots of good places that need to feel the 17th Century of Western Nation State conception brought upon them.

Otherwise we will lose it *all*.