17 July 2006

President Bush and the Golden Opportunity

Today President Bush, amidst all the war going on in the Middle East, has the perfect opportunity to finally *unite* the Civilized World and bring Nations together to end Terrorism. We get embroiled in the emotions of the moment and the worries and fears and hatred and loss that is going on and rarely take a moment to take a breath and just look at the situation as it IS. The Keys to Ending Terrorism are now in-play and may disappear in a moment's notice, and now is a singular and historic opportunity to finally do something that no President, no Leader, no Commissar could have done: Bring Understanding and Peace to the Middle East.

Yes, the world looks horrible at the moment, but lets take a summation of what, exactly, is happening.

1) Hezbollah and Hamas are now *part* of Nation State frameworks. Hezbollah by working inside the Sovereign Nation of Lebanon that has thrown off the shackles of control from Syria and Hamas by winning an election and getting the booby prize of Leading Palestine. By operating from actual areas that have actual governance, the entire suite of diplomatic tools and military options are now in play via diplomatic Nation State Jus ad bellum. Just War. Israel's fight is Just and Right to respond to those that are part of Nations and being proxy for other Nations while exploiting their host Nation. Israel can begin to end this problem, but cannot do so entirely on its lonesome.

2) Hezbollah, by attacking an Egyptian merchant vessel has now given a Casus Belli to Egypt which can declare War under Jus ad bellum. President Bush should contact President Mubarak of Egypt and put this on the line:

"Declare war on Syria and the United States will be your Ally. The Sixth Fleet will have one of the mightiest of air forces on the planet, save other aircraft carrier groups of the US and the US Air Force, the latter of which will *also* join in this battle. As you have seen what we did in Afghanistan, you know we can support a lightly armed force to take out a shaky Nation. We can coordinate with you and Israel and together we will deny Syria everything and end its support of terror and the destruction it does in this region. By attacking you and clearly knowing what the target *was* they have given you their word of War. Now the United States will give you its backing to the hilt to end Syria and the threat it poses to this region. We can help you with our spare forces in Germany and some few thousand Marines along with Special Forces.
Do this *now* and you will have the United States as an Ally. If you do NOT, then we shall cut off all aid to Egypt and give it no help on anything it does. After you we will go to Jordan as they have some grievances against Syria. If they do not accept, we will approach the Kurds and offer to help them liberate those Kurds in Syria by taking down Syria with Our help. President Mubarak, you can help save the world from terrorism by doing this and knowing the United States will help and protect you during this upcoming time of troubles. Deny US and I will see to it that you will stand alone."

3) Syria must fall. And with that will its aid to Palestinians and Hezbollah and many other terrorist organizations also vanish. As a land locked Nation the US, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Israel can ensure that there is NO ESCAPE for those that sponsor terrorism from Syria. Once begun this must solidify the US, Israel and any that will Ally with us to start the final and hard journey to shatter Nation State Support for Terrorism. Because Iran has used Hezbollah to attack Israel and others in the region, it will be next. Whoever helps us in Lebanon and Syria should be well protected as they are fully extended, and the other Nations in the area, including Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the Gulf Emirates should be enjoined to help us, or we will start helping Canada exploit its resources and open up our continental shelf for oil exploration.

4) Iraq is crystallizing and driving out the impurities within it. Those sectarian militias and foreign supported terrorists are dying hard to inflame Iraq as a whole. But the Sunni's and Shia's there finally realize the US is an 'honest broker' and plays no favorites in who it KILLS save its ENEMIES, to which we provide death swiftly and without mercy. They have finally gotten that clue and no longer want the US to leave. But we will shift forces to finally, and for good and all, let Iran know that 1979 is NOT FORGOTTEN. Nor are the bombings in Beirut and Riyadh. President Bush must forcefully state those things and demonstrate all of the Casus Belli given to the United States before we finally mobilize what is necessary to take out the Iranian Theocracy and their murderous thugs. We hold no enmity for the people of Iran as they have SEEN by our work in Iraq. Now it is time to cash in that good will, once Syria is crumbling into dust and the butchers of Damascus are fleeing.

5) Palestine will be given one and only one option: Surrender. Complete and Unconditional Surrender. Their terrorism has stopped them from even *trying* to make a Nation since 1948 and they will pay for that with the loss of their lands and Sovereignty. This final stinking piece of the Ottoman Empire's detritus will finally be put to rest. Israel will have final say on the fate of Palestinians. And the United States will *not* try to influence that decision unless ASKED TO BY ISRAEL.

The President of the United States holds the best trained and most capable military forces on the Earth. They have brought down a horrific regime up close and personal and are still digging at its roots, but the the tree and its seedlings are ashes. They have taken down a regime from afar, by helping a rag-tag group of Freedom Fighters against an autocratic and murderous theocratic regime. Many tools do not need to be taken out for this fight, but the main ones are ready and available. An address to Congress fully and wholly laying out what Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria and Iran have done against the United States should easily get a Declaration of War against those regimes and to help our long term friend and stalwart ally, Israel.

President Bush need no longer look at polls, but must now look into his own heart and soul and determine if he is the man that history needs him to be. He was given one chance by a terror attack on Our own soil and he bobbled the ball and did not unite the Nation. Now he has a second chance, and even more golden than the first. If he can reach out and grasp it and do what is right and honorable by those that place their faith and honor in US.

Tell the World that the United States honors and will protect its Friends and Allies.

Tell the World that the United States will join with others to end the rank stink of terrorism.

Tell the World that those who help and befriend us will be seen as honorable and Friend and Ally, and get help in return once Peace can finally be found.

Tell it in those terms, and those inside the United States that understand the Honor of the Nation will be there.

For we did not start this fight.

But we sure AS HELL will END IT.

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