24 July 2006

The Prince of the People's House Rises Against the Law

Oh my! The Landed Aristocracy of the People's House upon the Hill has bequeathed us, the poor lowly mere 'citizens' with the message that, in his Princely Wisdom, he may challenge the Law of the Land so as to secure those members of the Aristocracy from accountability to the Law. If you remember this very same Prince did quiver at the mere thought of law enforcement upon that high body of Aristocrats, and said the Law was much more than it said it was so as to set apart those Nobles upon the Hill from all accountability.

Of course, in that doing, the beginnings of the Zero Party State started to take form and was becoming a de facto proposition as the Two Party State has been in decline for some time. And when the President did bend to the demands of this August Body of Rulers, why he did no more than to try and appease his *betters*. Unfortunately the President has been unwilling to go directly at issues head-on, save when the very Nation itself is directly and without question at stake. In this shilly-shallying to and fro and being unable to state a clear case for what it is he is doing, this President attempts to ensure that the paint job on the Nation is not scratched in a frantic effort to *avoid the iceberg* that looms ahead.

So, thusly this President having wavered once, the Prince of the House now is emboldened to push this Aristocratic Vision of the Nobility further [via Yahoo! News, 23 JUL 2006]:

WASHINGTON - House Speaker Dennis Hastert said Sunday he may challenge a judge's order allowing FBI agents to examine documents seized at a Louisiana congressman's Capitol Hill office in a bribery probe.

Hastert said he believed Rep. William Jefferson, D-La., was "in big trouble" and that the House would not be joining in support of Jefferson himself. But he said the House separately might seek to make clear its position that the Justice Department cannot randomly and wantonly search lawmakers' offices.

"The gentleman from Louisiana is in big trouble, as far as I'm concerned. And we're not trying to protect him," said Hastert, R-Ill.

"But there has to be a procedure for the Justice Department to come in and start just searching any congressman's office," he said. "We may take a fine line depending on how the negotiations are. There is a constitutional division there that we have to protect."
There is 'protection', dear Prince, and 'obstruction of justice'. If you do not trust Federal Law Enforcement given due Warrant by the Judicial Branch to do such a search of Congressional offices for a Felony investigation, do just say so! I am sure that we, your poor and unworthy supplicants within the Nation known as mere 'citizens', will understand Your Highness' worries that an investigation of wrong-doing at a very high level might just impact the Nation in an untoward way and lead to lawlessness in some strange manner or form. Speak on, Prince Hastert!

Let the poor peons of the Nation know how far ABOVE the Law Congress actually IS.

Speak forth so that yon Aristocrats can show how above all ill-consideration they are in the running of their affairs in High Office for the Nation. Tell we poor plebes your August worries over these things so as to protect your sinecured positions from any change or investigation whatsoever.

Your Great Congress has already vested itself with limited numbers so as to divide up the Nation as *spoils* between parties, so that these great Seats for the People's Representatives will rarely, if ever change hands and that, once elected, you shall remain in High Office till your death do us part. Let us hear upon the fairness of this system you endorse and why adding in MORE protections upon these Royal Personages will help to keep the Nation from further harm. Your Great Body of Congress Upon the Hill has ALREADY limited the mere say of the People and now you wish to lock up anything that would hold any accountability upon these Great Ones behind the Hallowed Halls of Congress.

One election, One vote, Once is what this Great Body is heading towards by this, Prince Hastert. Tell us ALL why this is so Good for the Nation!

I am quite sure that His Highness will come up with *some* reason... no matter how farfetched it may sound.

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