10 July 2006

The Royalty Gets Its Comeuppance

Thank you to Instapundit and Captain's Quarters Blog for this little news item: Judge: FBI raid on lawmaker's office legal (full text in pdf)

Stand down, oh Royalty and join with us commoners before the law.

Be not afraid, we will not hurt you overmuch, although you may find that it is not a good thing to set yourself above the law and take on airs that do not become you. For you are, first and foremost, Citizens of the Republic.

Forget that and you doom that very thing you swear to uphold.

Give up these foolish notions that you set foreign policy and that you are the sole givers of all wisdom to run the Nation. For you are NOT those things, but mere elected Citizens who are Congressmen and Senators of the United States. And then from some State. But *always* a Citizen equal before law.

Best remember that place, Solons of the Houses.

You are merely *elected*.

Not Anointed.

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