20 July 2006

Illegal Aliens? Here? Who knew?

Thank you to Oak Leaf at Polipundit for this (Newsmax 18 JUL 2006):

Feds Nab 58 Illegals in Fort Bragg Sweep

Federal agents conducting a sweep aimed at illegal immigrants detained 58 civilian workers Tuesday as they tried to enter Fort Bragg with suspected false or fraudulently obtained identification, officials said.

Almost all of them were construction workers, officials said.


Four people were arrested for drug possession, [post spokesman Tom] McCollum said.

People trying to enter Fort Bragg with false IDs can be charged with criminal trespass and presenting false identification, McCollum said. The garrison commander also can prevent contractors who knowingly hire such people from working at the base.

In the past year, more than 150 people have been detained as they tried to enter Fort Bragg without proper ID, McCollum said. The base is home to the U.S. Army Special Operations Command and the 82nd Airborne Division.
Oh, my! More bad documents showing up... that wouldn't be a problem, would it?

And MORE from Oak Leaf! Busy, busy time to be an illegal, it appears... From Debbie Schlussel:

SCARY: Illegal Aliens Have Govt. Plates!

Received this frightening e-mail, which speaks for itself. America continues to be under attack. (GSA is General Service Administration.):

From: [check out Debbie's post for address, I shan't repeat it here]
Sent: Thursday, July 06, 2006 1:02 PM
Dear GSA Fleet Customer,

We recently were advised of criminal activity involving US Government license plates. The incident involved GSA plates, but may apply to your agency owned vehicles as well.
Schlussel: Drivers With These May Be Illegal Aliens

We received a call from Immigration and Customs Service stating they had two of our GSA plates in their custody. It turns out they got the plates from an illegal immigrant smuggler's vehicle trunk. When questioned, the suspect said immigrant and drug smugglers regularly "borrow" Gov't. plates from parked vehicles, use them to do their business, then return them to the Gov't. vehicles within one or two days (before they are noticed missing by the using agency).

It is not only an issue with smugglers, but also a potential national security threat when Gov't. plates are used for criminal purposes. Therefore, we are asking you again to regularly check your GSA vehicles to ensure both plates are there, and if possible keep vehicles in a secured area. If one or both plates are missing, contact your GSA Fleet Management Center right away and report the loss.

Your diligence in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Yes, do remember due diligence when seeing a government license plate! They might just be 'borrowed' plates... and how long until some fun little metal working shop starts forging them... as in casting them and making them look like 'the real thing'? Only time will tell, I guess.

And from Knighthawk at PoliPundit, comes this little tidbit of hapless wayfarers (AP 20 JUL 2006):

3 Illegal Immigrants Found in Ariz. Desert
Associated Press Writer

PHOENIX (AP) -- Deputies found three illegal immigrants in the desert about 50 miles west of here Wednesday, a day after authorities discovered as many as 100 immigrants abandoned by smugglers in temperatures that exceeded 110 degrees.

The illegal immigrants told investigators three people had died in the desert, but officials concluded the search Wednesday afternoon after no bodies were found, said Sgt. Jim Kempher, a sheriff's spokesman.


The state has a new anti-immigration law that Maricopa County has used to prosecute illegal immigrants, but Sheriff Joe Arpaio said the immigrants found Tuesday would not be arrested because they were not caught in the act of being transported by a smuggler.
Now let me get this straight.... you can't prosecute illegal immigrants because you didn't find them being transported here? So, have investigators found out how these folks have used teleportation to get here? Or, is it just a one way teleport deal? This *matters* to science, you know...

Well, at *least* they aren't terrorists! Haven't got ANY of those running around the country, have we? Like, Hezbollah (or however you spell it today and why do they keep changing it?):

[Summary Roundup of Hezbollah linked activities in North America]

55 Individuals Indicted for Racketeering, Money Laundering, Terrorism Financing.
3 Individuals convicted on Weapons and Planning terrorism charges.
1 Designated terrorist convicted of tax evasion charges.
1 Convicted terrorist on drug running to a Mexican gang.
Husband and wife on credit fraud charges found to have Hezbollah material at their home in Los Angeles.
And a Hezbollah Counterfeit Goods Ring in Los Angeles.

And from Tammy Bruce (Fox News, 19 JUL 2006):
Hezbollah Among Us

The FBI had better be taking note. As Iran's Hezbollah issues direct threats to America while Israel continues to pound the terrorists, apparently the FBI is frantically looking for Hezbollah sleeper cells in the United States. Considering some of the characters at an anti-Israel rally in New York city today, it seems Persons of Interest may be hiding in plain sight.
Now might there be *any* connection between terrorist, narcotics traffickers and organized crime?

And remember to add in the automatic weapons fire from Mexico and the beating incident from earlier this month.

Hezbollah (Fox News 19 JUL 2006) : "We shall make the ground explode under the feet of our enemies, America and Israel."

Now why, exactly, is a wall along the southern border too expensive?

You know, the world felt *very* safe on 9/10... and it appears we are no safer today than on 9/10. No thanks to ALL who have made that possible in all THREE branches of the Federal Government.

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