20 July 2006

Clearing out so that others may benefit

With my mental and physical circumstances reduced and the need to move coming up (as soon as I get this damn staph infection beaten and am healed from it) I have found that much of my past life is no longer of use to me. Much in the way of clothing for work, useless as I shall never work again nor even be able to attend a formal ceremony as my energies will not permit. Electronics and housewares... egads tons of that stuff laying about, both mine and my lady's. So while I have next to no stamina, I still have temporary strength for short minutes and use that to slowly move things from the basement upwards. All of this is in staging for its exit.

I am giving it all to the Vietnam Veterans household and clothing goods folks. They can sort and find what is useful and not for resale and then do so through auction and bidding. Proceeds go to help those that the Nation would prefer We forget.

And they promise to help the Iraqi Veterans in case Our Nation dishonors them, too.

So the slow and wearing process continues of clearing out my life and watching my skin heal ever so slowly. Drugs for months now and possibly many months more.

But even in this condition I know I am better off than many another and THEY deserve to get that which is still of use and value to others so that they may help themselves.

Just because the Republic has forgotten them, does not mean that I have not.

And I shall never forget those who fight to keep us safe and spread the message of freedom and liberty so that each individual may be free.

I do not forgive those that guided the Republic to the actions which caused a dishonorable attitude towards Our Veterans.

And I will NOT forget how that treatment was brought about.

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