01 July 2006

Clark, We Need You!

The New York Times in its munificent wisdom decided that the *potential* possible danger to a few American's foreign business transactions that *might* have gone through hands associated with Terrorists was too great an affront to the Nation to ignore. They may have moved the story behind their wall, but the damage of their salvo is done.

Some few said that the Wall Street Journal acted as a 'Wingman' or 'Shield' for the Times to hide behind. But they deny this and vehemently call the Times to task.

And now the Times responds to the response here (again, likely to be walled away, like the Times itself). And excerpting of both sides by Editor & Publisher here.

Yes, a regular donnybrook going on, with the Nation's security put at peril and none being held responsible for it nor investigations starting.

Last night my lady and I saw trailers and heard commentary on the new Superman movie.

Her response was one that floored me: "We do not need Superman. We NEED Clark Kent!"

Yes, indeed! An honest and ethical reporter who *knows* that putting lives at danger for a mere 'scoop' is not an option.

Clark Kent, wherever you are, pack away your cape and return to us!

Your business no longer protects the People but only its own self-interest and desperately needs a voice of reason and competence. We need a super man, with a human heart to help those that have wandered so far afield.

We no longer need you on mere rescues of individuals nor in flight above the Earth when those down here are desperate for someone who rights with care and reason.

The Nation needs you!

Clark Kent, return to us!


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