05 May 2006

Climate and my allergies, just awful

Well, the past few days have been those of wandering outer purgatory... in my case this means high humidity, one of the worst pollen counts ever, constant sinus congestion and, this is really the kicker, every damn store near me has run out of Claritin-D, the ONLY medication that is of any help to me at all.

So mail ordered some two days back and hope it gets here today.

I have problems enough thinking without a head clogged, sinus headaches, much nose blowage, post-nasal drip (ack!), and all the lovely accoutrements of one of my top 10 allergy seasons.

Yes, I have experienced worse, but I was in much better shape to deal with *those*.

And when I had Claritin-D it was exacerbating my healing from the staph infection... so downside of having a somewhat clearer head was itchier skin and loss of scabs and such... now my head is clogged by my skin is returning to normal and not *as* itchy.

Sleep has not been good nor deep. Well, it is rarely good or deep or restful, but it does *help*, just not very much.

So if you are wondering where I am... here, in front of my computer, zipping through a box of kleenex a day. I buy Marcal Aspen from Quill.com by the case load.

Next up soap that is unscented and works like Ivory... got some Goat's Milk soap to try and they sent a *freebie* of their oatmeal which, naturally, has a scent. So I have two to try and see if I am allergic to either. Soaps must have no: Aloe, lanolin, overt glycerin, and scents. Yes, I am allergic to just about every man-made scent ever created which *includes* new car and equipment smells. One of my worst allergy seasons consisted of one *day* touring a new facility in my old Agency and it was top to bottom new... an hour there and I was deathly sick for two weeks.

Time to get used to a new scent in small and incremental amounts: 6 months.

People who pour on perfume/aftershave/deodorant make me endorse the use of personal flamethrowers. That smell of napalm is that of VICTORY over scents.

How bad are my allergies? Anyone who visits must use: fragrance free everything. Magick Botanicals is a BIG help. Downy Free and Clear fabric softener. Use Borax for washing clothes.

Small computer components I can usually handle. But once you get up to the case range or cased piece of equipment, my problems kick in. I have one relatively new case that I am used to now that it has off-gassed. I keep two older cases from my computer construction days, and they were excellent in their day. Those old SuperMicro 750A cases have done well and as long as I can find motherboards or ways to adapt them, they will hang around. My construction rate is now dead slow... very slow... 'when I get the energy and can actually get the pieces in one per day' slow... The newer case is a SilverStone *something*, came with many recommendations from websites, nice black finish and plexiglass side. I managed to wedge everything into it somehow, in my last days of waning energy a year ago or more...

This is why posting is light.

Did I mention having to sort through things? Have to move soon... so time to kick up dust!

Haven't actually travelled to find a new place to stay, yet... not well enough to travel.

Posting will be *light* to non-existant for some time.

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