15 May 2006

On the 'Virtual Wall' concept for National Security

Ok, this will be short and sweet as I am going to an infectious disease specialist to find out what needs to be done about my damn skin infection in just a bit.

If the President mentions anything about making a 'Virtual Wall' or 'Virtual Fence' along the Southern Border, let everyone know that you will believe that when the technology is up to building a 'Virtual Bathroom' that works 'just like the real thing, complete with shower, bath, toilet and the ability to give your skin a realistic, non-radioactive glow that implies health but not make-up'.

No REAL toilet paper is allowed.

Got that?

These are my same feelings as on a 'paperless office' which will be invented at the same time the 'paperless bathroom' is invented (non-third world nations need not apply as leaves are *not* the same nor are digital extremities and washing).

A REAL Wall, Mr. President. Any mention of 'amnesty' or 'route to citizenship for those here' wins you the Lame Duck Irrelevent President Award, given to every second term president since FDR.

History IS looking at YOU Mr. President.


Anonymous said...

Too funny! Were you just frustrated like Sly Stallone in Demolition Man? I agree, no amnesty. Check out the news flash on my blog!

A Jacksonian said...

Neo - Some small amount of frustration... I *might* have been persuaded about a 'virtual wall' until I realized that manpower limits really did not make such a thing feasible. You have to back that electronics up with *people*. I prefer to back it up with steel-reinforced concrete, deep pilings and CIWS.

Will check in a bit... still wiped from a far too long weekend, and new meds to add to the old and... just out of it right now...