21 May 2006

Definitely a Dumb Looks Day!

This has been quite the week for inanity and the need for Dumb Looks so lets get down to cases:

Item 1
New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, the man who just happened to be out of town when Katrina hit and then botched the front lines of recovery and did not use every school bus and municipal bus at his disposal to evacuate thousands of people who were too poor to own transportation, and didn't even offer any of them the free ride on the last train out? How would any other city look at this individual? Probably behind bars for criminal negligence. But in New Orleans they applauded his job so well they Re-elected him as MAYOR!

Now the good people of New Orleans can now explain to me why ANY Federal funds should be spent on their behalf when they re-elect someone who cannot even DO HIS JOB.

Item 2 (H/t: Gateway Pundit)
Members of Fatah protest in Ramallah: par for the course.
Members of Fatah protest in Ramallah outside the offices of Al Jazeera: par for the course.
Size of protest doesn't warrant Al Jazeera coverage: they have a minimum on these things?
Protesters decide to get attention by burning Al Jazeera vehicles in their parking lot: Muslim on Muslim violence, who would have suspected?
Bureau Chief Walid Omari on this: "The fire is definitely arson," Omari told The Associated Press, but stopped short of accusing anyone.

^Raises Hand^ oh, oh! I know, its a trick question!! It was the nasty Israeli-American-Westerner-Infidels that did it, right?

Apparently logic escapes Al Jazeera.

Item 3
After giving a wonderful speech on how Immigration Reform was such a top thing that he wanted to make the matters worse, President Bush describes Americans as 'unsettled' before heading out for doing a photo-op in Yuma, AZ.

Because photo-ops show a politician really *cares*, while doing absolutely NOTHING.

Perhaps the President has never heard of the idea called: National Sovereignty.

He might want to check his middle school class notes on the subject.

Or ask Tony Snow.

Item 4 (H/t: Gateway Pundit, who does this stuff regularly it seems)
The Mayor of the Iraqi city of Tal Afar visits Colorado.

This good gentleman has expressed his feelings before about the US Armed Forces.

You will hear exactly ZERO about this in the MSM. Why?

Because the good Mayor THANKS US!!

Can't have good news muddying up the message now, can we?

Item 5
So many say that it would "Cost too much to build a wall along the border".
My estimates are in the $5 Billion range or so, give or take.

The amount that Congress would like to spend on 'earmarks', also known as Pork?

$29 Billion.

You do the math on how high the cost of National Sovereignty is to Congress.

That's it!
Free Dumb Looks to all involved.


Jerry said...

Re Item 5 -

A wall doesn't vote. Congress knows quite well that their tenure depends on making sure their constituency is happy, and money = happy voters... at least, for now.

Great blog, BTW - I've included you on my blogroll...


A Jacksonian said...

Jerry - My thanks!

And while a wall doesn't vote it would certainly help clarify the issue and finally *crystallize* those who DO vote. For all of those pork-projects going to get hunting cabins, wildlife trails to nowhere, and such... well, that gets you the vote of the contractors involved, but doesn't do much beyond that. And just giving such away is a slap on the face of every Citizen who puts money into the Government by taxation.

If Federal money gets spent on a project it should, rightfully, become Federal property unless there is a *Great Show* of magnanimity in giving such away. Somehow doing these things in committee and not even putting them on the Official budget makes it look like Congress is trying to *hide* these things.

I will take a visit over your way in the next day or so, health and schedule permitting.

Again, my thanks for visiting!