26 May 2006

Missing: Political Party

Have you seen this Party Recently?

It WAS known as the 'Republican Party' but has turned up missing recently.

It was last reliably sighted at the graveside of President Ronald W. Reagan.

Anyone with news as to the whereabouts of this Party should contact their local media outlets so that it can be found and identified.

Continued Missing for some decades now is the Democratic Party.

Last seen at the gravesite of President John F. Kennedy.

The current respondants to that name do not believe in doing anything for One's Country. And are wondering if the Know-Nothing Party Banner is available for use as it accurately describes their attitude towards the world although having no adherence to that original party's doctrine.

Although the T-shirt has already been made for them...

I Know Nuting!The Public will greatfully thank anyone who can actually find these two political parties.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...


That is so, SO true.

Both parties now consist of primarily empty suits driven by polls, political correctness, and an unwillingness to be judgmental, discriminatory or exhibit any sort of managerial skills or provide consistent and logical LEADERSHIP.

No one even dares SPEAK of leadership anymore.


A Jacksonian said...

Mr. Z - I started out trying for mildly ironic... then realized that something really was quite wrong and then added to it... and again...

We now have two parties gone missing in these United States. The vaunted two-party system is now the Zero Party System, and We the People are ill-served by it.

And so few dare stand up and speak that or, indeed, anything of any value as it might offend someone, somewhere at some time...

That is something known as *fear*.

And a Republic cannot afford that in its leaders.