31 May 2006

Its a disaster! People threatened! Populace...

Horrible, just horrible! So many dying on this conflict... its just unbelievable the number of lives lost... to safely step from ones home to move about on ones own insurance is needed for safety is not assured. Worse training is needed to even handle these things! At its height 144 people a day dying from the conflict! And even worse the highest rate of injuries from this conflict, at 9,500 a day!!!!

It must be CIVIL WAR!!

Depends on how you define it, isn't? The data above are taken from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics for the US. And the hyperbole? All true. You can not tell me that a motor vehicle accident is not a conflict of motion and immobility that happens suddenly, or of motion out of control conflicting with ones desires to drive a proper course.

To drive a vehicle one needs training. Or learn on a wreck on your own out in the desert and hope you don't hit anything.

Insurance? Mandatory in most States. You are *not* safe when driving around in your vehicle, and that safety is *not* guaranteed.

Now, Iraq is 1/10th or so the size of the US, for a rough back of the envelope calculation. Shift the decimal point over one place to the left. You come up with? 14.4 fatalities and a whopping 950 injuries, luckily they don't own cars at the rate Americans do. Yet. They are working on it.

So, when I compare an 'insurgent attack' and the number of killed and wounded, I compare that to what their average to motor vehicle accidents will be *if* they drive as safely as Americans and own cars at the rate of Americans. I doubt they will get the former quickly, although the latter may be here sooner than expected.

Then I expect to see REAL daily carnage.

Luckily it will be evolution in action with the good drivers and lucky people surviving for the most part.

If you want to put deaths in Iraq due to violence and mayhem in perspective, then take a visit here to check out US War Casualty figures since the Revolution. And you will get more perspective than any MSM reporter in Iraq will *ever* give you by doing so.

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