22 May 2006

Remember, Hurricane Season Starts in June

Hurricane season begins on June 1st.

Now, I don't get to dKos unless there is a need for it, but do take a look here.

Ray Nagin has just been re-elected as Mayor, instead of being in 'stripe city'.

You tell me what a mild Category 1 hurricane will do to NOLA.

Then a Category 2.

Then a Category 3.

Last year we started to feel the long term cycles re-assert their dominance. Apparently the 'good times' for storms are over for 1,500 years or so, with the smaller 30 year cycle just getting into swing.

All covered in my previous postings with round-up here.

Since no one is serious about saving NOLA, the best thing that can happen to it is a Category 5 direct hit.

We could have spent months to make something new and start to put in place something that would make the Republic stronger and still save the essence of the city of New Orleans.

I have done what is within my capability to give the Republic a new concept and a brighter future via the destruction visited on New Orleans.

And that is what I will answer to future generations.

Or later this year if things turn bad.

Last year was the longest and worst hurricane season on record.

Welcome to the 21st Century.

Time to grow up, America.

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