23 May 2006

A note to those wanting something done in Darfur

Well, no one abides by ethnic cleansing and such and the Administration even opposes it, but points out that trying to build democracy in places where it hasn't existed is a difficult job. Especially when attacked by terrorists, foreign critics and domestic critics who cannot tell the difference between building democracy and supporting tyranny. And many of those same folks, who believe the US is Imperialist then turn around and want us to head into Darfur!

So I guess that Imperialism is only *bad* on a sliding scale. When it is used effectively to build things, it is bad. When it is used ineffectively to waste manpower and money in far off corners of the Earth, it is good. But this Executive and damn near any other claimant to the Office will have the exact same problem: putting force to use in areas that wins only a modicum of good will, but while bankrupting the Nation and using its Armed Forces to little overall good effect does NOT help the Union.

And yet the wailing and gnashing of teeth and posing for the cameras continues.

Democrats love that sort of thing! Protests that vent emotions to gain *reactions* on a gut level that people don't actually think about how to solve the problem. Make the Federal Government handle it! Make Government huge! Make Government into a Nannystate so that a Citizen has no worries from cradle to grave! Let Government do Education! Let Government do Health Care! Indeed, let us be beholden to Government for every damn thing in life.

Complaints about about how Government is not doing *enough*.

I complain that Government is trying to do too much and *failing* and that We the People should assert Our rights within the bounds of Our compact known as the Constitution.

Others have offered one safe and effective solution to this: hire mercenaries! This is a time honored tradition of those that believe fervently in something putting their money where their beliefs are. I am all *for* it as it actually SUPPORTS the foreign policy of the United States.

Now, some on the Left don't like this concept as it involves a third party to do the dirty work. And even though mercenaries would gain great publicity doing their job well, they would also go out of business if they did not deliver on their promises. But that feedback mechanism is not seen as enough by some on the Left and they would prefer to protest and yell and wave signs and mug for the camera and complain that the Administration is *evil*, etc., etc., ad nauseum.

So, to those who do NOT like having a third party that is competent handle this there actually *is* another solution! Yes, I am all about *solutions* that actually WORK within the Constitutional framework!

My solution is simple and straightforward: get together with like minded souls, get trained in the use of firearms, do basic physical conditioning and training together. Learn the necessities of what it takes to supply and keep people supplied overseas and operate effectively. Then ship out to Darfur and do the job YOURSELVES!

And if you don't like the results: do not complain as you are putting your life where your beliefs are and wanted to do it RIGHT.

This is, also, a time honored tradition going back at *least* to the Spanish Civil War if not further and deeper in US history. The folks then realized that the US would not involve itself in that conflict and decided the only HONORABLE route was to do the job the Government would not do. And while we may look at some as misguided, foolish and even ill-advised, there is no denying the admiration for them and their sticking to their beliefs through the worst of all possible times. And if the Left believes that Darfur needs to be handled and that the Government isn't up to the task, they can do this thing on their lonesome!

And be APPLAUDED for it! I will heartily applaud each and every volunteer who goes off to do this thing as a committed Citizen carrying out the foreign policy of the Union where the Government cannot do it! Once you have gotten your organization together and start training, I will send cash and copies of ALL of George Orwell's works! You should pay particular attention to Homage to Catalonia, as it will speak directly to you as you prepare to go out. Surprisingly you will find many on the Right supporting you on this as they also believe in this cause, just not the Governmental approach for something that is not in the National Interest. But many will be more than willing to pony up funds, advice, training and help in many ways to get you ready to do the job. The Left might actually find the Right reaching out to help in COMMON CAUSE. And not because they want to see you *fail*, but because they want you to *succeed*.

So there you have it, my friends on the Left: hire mercenaries or do the job yourselves. Protesting and screaming and vituperating and impugning honor are *not* the ways to win hearts and minds in this Republic as it shows a child-like impatience and wanting things as a spoiled child would want them. Instead, act like adults. You all speak so much of rights, so why don't you actually *use* a few others beyond freedom of speech?

You can make the world a better place in the doing and showing your capabilities.

Even if you *fail* you will gain high admiration and esteem from your Fellow Citizens. Well, the survivors would, at any rate. But you would gain HONOR for your cause and give it a high profile and move the debate to a *different* place as trying to restrict you from actually carrying out a valid foreign policy in a way that does not harm the National Interest would be a gross overstep by the Government into your personal rights to associate, bear arms and travel.

But to those out protesting on the Left on this issue and offering no solution except a Government based one: it is time to Put up, or Shut Up!

Go by the old adage: If you want something done right, then DO IT YOURSELF.

You *are* the people. You have *got* the power. Go for it!

And I, for one, will applaud heartily.


TexasFred said...

Darfur?? We can't secure our own damned borders, WHAT the hell are we doing even THINKING about Darfur??

A Jacksonian said...

Fred - Oh, I do agree! Notice that I support not one iota of Federal funds to do anything about Darfur. But those wonderful Transnational Progressivists would love to have us spend time and money there... which is why I propose an honorable solution to those wanting such a thing. Actually two honorable solutions...

Mind you it requires that those worrying about Darfur actually *do* something and commit money or THEMSELVES to doing it.

Which, overall, is a positive thing. Leftists get to get embroiled in a humanitarian based conflict on their own time and money and resources.

The Nation has other fish to fry that are more important. Like keeping the place whole. But far be it from me to encourage those so worried about things overseas not to do anything about it... have at it! Show the world just *how* committed the Left is to humanitarian needs.


Let the WORLD see this commitment in ways other than screaming and fist shaking and holding rallies. And let the rest of us sort out the things that are important to *us*.