30 March 2006

And about those demonstrations for illegals? Yes, intemperance again.

I am a bit ticked off by the Left. Actually, quite a lot by this point... one of the funnest things about the left is that they claim to be so very educated and compassionate, but do not seem to be able to add 1 + 1 and come up with some moderate value of 2 depending upon the largness of the 1's involved. And by trying to say they are addressing history by being compassionate and truly not addressing the redness of blood that seeps out of any history book... well, what is it about the human condition they do not understand?

In any event, trying to be *compassionate* and *understanding* to barbarians has usually gotten you killed. And I would really not like to see that happen to the United States. So, when people who want trafficking in humans across the southern border to continue... well... yes, intemperance abounds yet again. As has been coming to be usual, it happened over at Mr. Z's place on his post on the kiddies running down the US and loving Mexico so much. Now, one of the respected liberal responders basically said that we needed the cheap labor to have cheap fruit and that we are unwilling to do anything about and should, basically, just accept things.

I am sure you have heard THAT before.

So, I did not address him directly, but the mindset. I think The Works of Geoffery Chaucer in the original Middle English that I pulled out for reference today shivered when I wrote this things. Be well, Mr. Chaucer, we aren't at Canterbury. Yet. And I am sure he would appreciate the spelling errors, twisted syntax, sliced and diced sentences and general mangling of the English language I performed. It is all saved for your reading pleasure to chortle over, get red faced in or need to call in the paramedics, depending upon your demeanor.

First off that 'cheap fruit' is coming at the price of subsidizing water use and subsidizing agriculture and having tariffs to protect those agricultural areas. Those subsidies *must* go.

Second the kids are being kids and I hope each and every one of them will be given detention for the next month. If they are here illegally, their parents need to be turned over to DHS to get tossed out of the country. I do not care if they pay taxes, they are not here legally. For the legals, bring the parents up on truancy charges. There is no such thing as free time off from school without a note from the parent. Otherwise the child cannot be accounted for when in the custodianship of the school system.

Thirdly, if they cannot respect the country they *want* to live in, then why the hell are they still here? Might want to ask their parents what they think of that. In fact a nice parent to school prinicipal chat would be a heartening thing to see, with pictures of their children protesting. This would be a good time to bring up the note and truancy subjects, too.

Fourth, the jobs are going away in that sector. Robotics is already fielding some of the early models for some fruits and vegetables. Expect all but the most difficult of fruits and vegetables to be done automated pickers in 10 years.

Fifth, we have an *unemployment* rate. For those that are physically able, picking fruit and vegetables at minimum wage is known as a *job*. If someone can show up for a *job* of good, honest work that pays above state benefits, then they should be glad to have that job. If the state is paying *more* than that for people who have had a job, they are subsidizing unemployment.

Sixth, cities that support illegal entry and prohibit federal enforcement are practicing something known as enforced servitude at a lower than nominal wage. This is also called trafficking in human beings and their labor. That is called slavery. Cities do not have the right to abrogate the first 6 articles of the Constitution. Doing so is known as Secession from the Union and usually triggers off a nasty response. Cities protecting these people from Federal enforcement are Slavery Cities that are Seceding from the Union.

Seventh, if they want to come here legally I am all for that. If they come here illegally they should be found, their enablers punished and imprisoned and their companies shut down. They are trafficking in human beings. They are using slave labor to get their cheap goods out. They should be castigated as such and imprisoned as such.

Eighth, the Mexican Federal Military and Police cross our borders on a weekly basis or more often to protect smugglers. Their Federal Government by not stopping this is condoning Acts of War. If they do so they are risking armed conflict with the United States of America. That must *end* IMMEDIATELY.

This is *not* a jobs issue.
This is *not* a racial issue.
This is *not* an economic opportunities issue.
This is *not* about cheap fruit, although there are some damn rotten apples out there.

This is about National Sovereignty.

This is about the rights of Nations to Govern themselves without being invaded.

This is about the rights of a People to ensure that their country has an expectations that their Sovereignty will be respected by ANY nation.

This is about Citizens of the United States being reminded that they must *first* understand the Constitution and realize that there are some things that they may *not* do as part of the agreement between ALL OF US.

The United States has the most welcoming immigration policy of any Nation on Earth. We ask that you speak English and understand the Constitution and swear an Oath of Fealty to hold no other Nation's interest before Ours.

These protesters do not *care* about the Constitution.
They do not *want* to abide by the compact between We The People.
They do not *want* to be Americans.
They do not *understand* that this is not their home country nor is it a State of Anarchy.
And Mexico in particular has shown no compunction about violating the National Sovereignty of the United States.

These are not weasel words.

These are not words of racism.

These are not words to denigrate a Group.

These are words to point out that this Nation of Free Individuals cannot stand if We do NOT protect our Sovereignty as a People.

The last time that areas within this country did such things, they seceded from the Union and there was a bloody Civil War.

I do not want to have a Second Civil War that will also be about Slavery! Because that will also put us in conflict with Mexico. This is a BAD thing to have happen in this hemisphere. All of the frustration being felt will be released in Warfare and it will not be pretty. Mexico will be decimated in such an affair. And in Victory the United States may just decide that it is not worth having Mexico as a neighbor.

That IS what will happen if certain segments of the population that enables this to continue will keep on pushing it.

Think on this: the United States has projected power into Afghanistan and Iraq. Deposed two tyrranical regimes and given 51 million people the chance to build new lives for themselves. We have given them great help and kindness to do so and continue to help them to stand on their own two feet. They may spurn us or tell us to leave, but what we did was good and necessary. We lost more men in the opening minutes in D-Day than we have lost to hostile fire since 9/11.

This was done with a peacetime economy in which Military and Rebuilding have consumed less than 5% of this Nation's GDP and probably closer to 4%. I do not think the world wants to see a United States devoting 10% or more of its Economy to Warfare. That is what a Civil War, War with Mexico and Continued War against Transnational Terrorists will do. The United States will be convinced it is in a Global World War.

And they would be RIGHT.

This is where all that *compassion* and *understanding* has gotten us: Transnational Terrorism, the decay of Western values, diminishment of the Individual, the abrogation of National Sovereignty from abroad, the abrogation of Our Constitution at home, and people *still* whining that terrorists and illegal aliens are *not* the villains.

Strangely that is CORRECT.

The villians are the ones who have convinced them it is OK to do these things through *compassion* and *understanding* and wanting to find *root causes* of problems and then dither over doing ANYTHING that might possibly upset someone, somewhere at some time.

Any more of such and we will cease to exist as a people and as a civilization. That *compassion* will KILL us because the world is not a nice place.

If someone cannot comprehend the law they need to be institutionalized because they are insane. THAT is compassion. If they can comprehend it and it is found that they willingly broke the law then they are a criminal and should be punished. THAT is justice. And if it is to make a buck and gain economic opportunity at the expense of law abiding Citizens and Landed Immigrants and Legal Workers on Visas, then they are tearing at the very social fabric that makes such opportunity possible.

Can I make my position on this any clearer?

And that is as clear as I can make it for myself. Western civilization will be brought those claiming to hold it oh-so-dear, while, in fact, strangling it quietly with compassion.

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