16 March 2006

Calling all translators

Now that Mr. Negroponte has gotten about his work and the documents captured during OIF, there is a call for An Army of Analysts which is Mr. Reynold's Army of Davids in a particular realm of document translation and transcription. They are available HERE. (Hat tip: Power Line and Stephen F. Hayes at the Weekly Standard)

I second, third or fourth that call: If you have knowledge in the languages involved and have any time whatsoever on your hands, could you do the WORLD a favor and pitch in for a page or two or 10 or 15 minutes of transcription and translation work? Together across the world and peoples of many nations you can prove yourselves to be a Pack to take down totalitarianism and not a Herd of sheep lowing in the wilderness. Your work will doubtlessly be checked and double-checked, but if you do it honestly then you will have no worries.

Fair and honest work is respected in many lands, so long as one does not try to influence the course of events. There will be thousands of hours of tapes to be gone through and untold pages of documents. And even the *dull* stuff helps everyone fit together the puzzling palace that Saddam Hussein created. Every bit of expertise is a help: local dialects, knowing the emotional sway of some words over others, knowing how a bureaucracy such as that one worked, identifying the subtle hints and clues of personal relationships from the native tongue.

All of you are needed, if you can leave your politics at home. Honest, open and fair work that is what is needed. The piecing together will need much spin as it must be UNSPUN from the dictatorial viewpoint. Save your political ethos for *that* and then each and all may judge if it be done fairly.

It is time to let the chips fall and hurt or save those that it may. We must KNOW what happened, so that many, many can be saved. That is what is needed now.

The Intelligence Community botched this job, so it is up to peoples everywhere to make it RIGHT. And to hell with spooks and spies on this, let fair and honest people give us their say, for in that saying we shall be saved, each and every one of us. Perhaps others can take heart from this and then let a free people do as We must. For if our nation has been lied to by its leaders or by those trying to set us astray, then the fury will be great and hard upon them. For those claiming lies and falsehoods must now needs stand up and hear the music played across many lands and places for them.

To those with wool keeping a fair People from doing what is right: you may find the world changing as our perspective changes. And as James Burke pointed out, that can be very swift, indeed.

This may very well be a Day the Universe changed.

And no matter which way it will be for the BETTER.

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