31 March 2006

More intemperance on illegal aliens at Asymmetrical Information

Yes, further intemperance on my part! Giving vent via a steaming keyboard is good for the soul, I have found. And if I get a cataleptic attack I am safely seated!! Its a two-fer!!

So at Asymmetrical Information on the unwanted immigrant issue I spent a fine time making the keyboard softly... well... it doesn't click and the free play of the keys only gives a light clatter... but I had a lot of it! And as the keyboard has a wonderful underlit feature I get a nice comfy glow from it and can clearly see that I have worn the keys C, V, M, N completely away and the letter D is suffering badly. K is hurting a bit, also... A has been injured, but is recognizeable. I apparently have an asymmetrical letter revolt on my keyboard!

So as the Claritin-D jitters hit, I expounded forth, yet again! All spelling errors and such are whole and fully mine, and the negligent keys are not to blame but the typist is! So here it is:

Ok, first off I don't really care the color, origin, or societal problems where illegals come from. Addressing someone else's 'root problems' when they haven't asked us to is nonsense.

Second, do not attempt to tar me with a group label for how I think. That is abhorrent to a Republic of free individuals. I will speak to actions and outcomes, not intent.

Third, to remain a viable Nation State the individuals in this society must comply by that lean and spare compact we know as the Constitution. I am quite a bit irate at those working to undermine the viability of the Nation State be they at home or overseas. If you believe in the ability of a Sovereign People to set their own destiny, then the Nation State is the only framework in which this can be achieved with the minimum necessary order to allow freedom to prosper.

To me the illegal alien situation is a National Sovereignty issue. By casting it as a 'cheap labor' or 'racial' issue, the entire topic is then changed to that of Groups not individuals. By asserting Groups have more rights and freedoms than individuals, one is asserting that the viability of the Republic of free individuals is over. The Constitution says much about persons and Citizens, and damn little about Groups.

We now have cities and municipalities that claim to be Sanctuary Cities. They are rejecting the 6 Articles of the Constitution and some number of amendments when they forbid enforcement of those powers set to the Federal Government: immigration, naturalization, enforcement and adjudication of Treaties with Foreign Nations, and enforcement of Federal Law that applies equally to all Citizens and to anyone else who makes their way into the Nation. Further, by setting up areas of non-enforcement, these areas are now trafficking in human labor to their own benefit. Even if they are paying a sub-minimal wage, the actual action being taken is that of allowing unfettered exploitation of human labor against all the Federal laws which are the Laws of the Land. These actions, taken as a whole have certain words attached to them which are inflammatory, but they are the ONLY words which describe the actions and not the intent.

One of them is Secessionist, as in Seceding from the Union by declaring that local laws are above those set by the distribution of powers given in the Constitution. I truly do not care *why* these places have seen fit to do so, they are declaring that the Union will not have power over them and that they shall treat as they will with foreign nationals, agents of foreign nations, set their own immigration policy and allow full and unfettered exploitation of labor with the threat to such labor of turning them in for Federal enforcement and deportation if they leave the area of their so-called 'Sanctuary'.

That last part has much nastier term. Coercion of forced labor without legal recompense and without going through due process of a legal proceeding also has a name. It is called slavery and trafficking in humans.

Each and every municipality that does not see fit to follow the laws made by Congress, enforced by the Executive and seeking just adjudication via the Supreme Court has, effectively, set themselves up as the Supreme Power for their area above that of We The People of the nation. They are Secessionist slavery cities. They gain these labels due to their *actions* not their intent.

A further problem is the violation of National Sovereignty by Mexican Federal Military and Police units that have crossed the border without invitation and not in pursuit of criminals. Indeed many such units are *helping* not only the crossing of illegal aliens across the border, but are giving cover to drug runners and narco-terrorists. From my understanding in reading about the situation from border communities this is pretty much a weekly occurance.

I go over the diplomatic side of this vis a vis Iran, but the basic precepts leading to those conclusions, since they are a part of the diplomacy between Nation States is the same with Mexico. Invasion of a Foreign Nation without invitation or cause is known as a Casus Belli. This is part of the concept of Jus ad bellum or 'Just War'. To all those complaining about 'Just War' and how it proceeds, I can tell you that it starts with Nations giving other Nations a Cause for War or Casus Belli. I do not care if the Mexican Federal Military and Police are corrupt. That is *their* business as a Nation and theirs to solve. When the concept of the boundaries of a Nation State are violated by Government actors of another Nation State a Cause for Just War is being given. I put out a nice little public note to Presidente Fox on this and giving due warning that some segment of the American population believes that National Boundaries and regular relations between Nation States is necessary for Peace to exist between those Nations.

Now, back to those businesses, individuals, companies and groups that are trafficking in human labor and either exlicitly or implicitly using the threat of Federal deportation to keep such labor quiet. They are, simply put, slavers. I want them charged with such and trafficking in human labor without following the Laws of the Land, those companies doing so shut down and the lot of them imprisoned for their *actions*. Similarly I want municipalities to repeal their laws against enforcing Federal Laws and an apology to the Union for doing so and then going through proper legal and Constitutional methods to get immigration reform: lobbying Congress. If they do not, I would exepct NORTHCOM to get a phone call from the Executive to bring these Secessionist Slavery areas back into the Union and give them temporary and legal government until the perpetrators of the Secessionist movement are caught and put on trial.

On the economic front, I want all farming subsidies to end. I want all subsidies for water use to end. This cheap labor is coming in to pick fruit and vegetables from crops that are raised with Federal Subsidies. Further, I want all agricultural tariffs removed. If the United States Agri-Business cannot figure out how to farm properly and economically 60 years after the dustbowl then they do deserve to go under.

All illegal aliens that are found in the United States shall be punished and deported. I would enjoy seeing such hard working people either building a border fence and then a 30' steel reinforced concrete wall about 100' in from the fence. The wall should have 70' pilings spaced 10' apart. Remote sensors, motion sensors, geophones, IR sensors, and a whole host of sensing equipment running off of solar collectors and small battery systems with a LAN will be put in place. Northcom will be given a 100' testing zone along the border for target practice. Strykers, M1 Abrams, infantry and all sorts of other folks need to learn about desert warfare and equipment testing. UCAV operators need experience on how to fly, target and otherwise use their equipment to effectively target individuals and vehicles. This zone will be duly marked as a *testing* range for live fire ammunition on both sides of the wall and the exterior side of the fence. There is no excuse for anyone to be there. They will serve as targets. Further, I expect that narco-traffickers building tunnels will become the target of a new sport of drilling rig companies. Who knows what-all will be poured down such holes? Illegals building this defense structure for two years will then be deported to their home country. If the defenses are built, then 5 years of turning large boulders into finely graded gravel and sand is to be done. We can get a good price per ton on such stuff.

For children of illegals, they may either renounce their US citizenship and go back to their parent's country of origin or become a ward of the State.

I do not care if the illegal alien is from Mexico, Guatamala, Vietnam, Maylasia, Singapore, Belize, Dominican Republic, Ivory Coast, Sudan, Yemen, Uzbekistan, Ukraine or Timbuktu. They have violated the Law of Nations and Our National Sovereignty in coming here. That must end for the entire Nation State system to remian a viable concept in the modern era.

And do consider that advancements in robotics technology is now fielding the first prototype fruit and vegetable pickers. While perhaps not as efficient, they will work continuously and get the entire harvest done in a shorter period of time and bring in a uniform harvest of higher quality. The era of the need for cheap and unskilled labor in the field is ending. Japan is proceeding along the same lines for home elderly care. If someone is going to take care of me in my old age, I damn well expect them to have some medical background to do so. And because of the eating and dietary habits of this nation, proper administration of pharmaceuticals will be something that *must* be understood by those caring for the up and coming elderly. What this country will be needing in the future is much higher skilled workers able to work in a semi to fully automated environment and understand the equipment and processing being done to maintain such. These work environments will be flexible, adaptable and quickly changing, which will require a high degree of basic education along with some production process knowledge. If you think 12 million unskilled illegal aliens are a problem now, then what happens in 10 years when the need for such declines steeply?

I love legal immigration and people who *want* to be Citizens and respect the laws of the land and the rights of their fellow Citizens. I want more of that! People wanting to contribute and get fair recompense is what this country is founded upon.

I have frankly had it with *compassion* that has now led to de facto slavery and support for such. Such *compassion* is tearing the fabric of the social structure apart in this Nation. We are further seeing the concept of the Nation State being put at peril by those who ignore them and wish to see them abolished to replace it with an elite rule. Some of these are Transnational Progressivists and the others are Transnational Terrorists. The first are eating away at the inside of Nations and the second from the outside. A Republic of individuals who support the compact set up in 1787 by We The People and who keep to that concept by enforcing it can survive this or any attempt to degrade individuals.

What we currently have will not survive this.

I bid you all good day, and hope there were not too many coronaries out there.
Ahhhh... now onto other things this morning!

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