24 March 2006

An Army of Translators - The Vanguard Moves Forward

Fascinating things coming to light these last couple of days, bits and pieces but all leading up to the beginnings of the understanding of the web that was woven by Saddam.

Gateway Pundit gives us the Russian Ambassador's letter that told where US Forces were and what the overall battle plan was. The fun thing was that the Ambassador was getting oil to sell through the Oil for Food program! Isn't that just lovely? Do you think... perhaps... it was... ALL ABOUT OIL? Where is the left when you need them? And just how did the Ambassador get such information... from the Russian military, mayhap? Exactly *why* are we to trust them?

Ray Robison gives us the entire rundown of the equipment list that was given in the above document.

More links as I run across them, but kudos to Ray Robison and Sammi for their work! Some of the most important work in this entire mess and that *includes* every damn Intelligence Agency on the planet! Congratulations!

Jeff Goldstein and Protein Wisdom is looking at some of the released material and doing some dot connecting.

[Apologies to Mr. Robison on mis-spelling his name! grrrr... bad typist... oh...]

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