21 March 2006

An Army of Translators - Rolling Out!

And another overview of things of interest in the Iraqi and Afghani captured documents arena:

  1. Roger L. Simon has word on new documents coming out and some analysis linkage. Go to the FMSO site for daily updates, but these one seem to be photographs! Calling all photo-analysists!! And heaven forbid what will be done via Photoshop...
  2. Always check the Pajama's Media Iraq Files for interesting updates!
  3. Wretchard the Cat at The Belmont Club does some overview analysis and offers linkage to more analysis.
  4. The Daily Times looks at links between Saudi and Pakistani engineers in the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddha statues. (h/t: The Belmont Club) As was said in Max Headroom on the suppository business: "With friends like these.... who needs enemas?"
  5. From the PJ Iraqi Site, Saddam funding Abu Sayyef. I am sure it was just bake sales!
  6. Athena at Terrorism Unveiled on the document release. (h/t: The Belmont Club) I am catching up in some areas, but insight where it is due is necessary to recognize.
  7. GroupIntel Blog. They are doing a number on the documents and looks to be quite good at it. (h/t: Terrorism Unveiled)
  8. OSS.net The Global Intelligence Partnership Network. (h/t: GroupIntel Blog) This is the sort of thing the NetGen needs, Open Source Information Systems to interconnect ideas and cross-check them.
  9. Dan Darling at Regnum Crucis is keeping track of the documents. (h/t: Terrorism Unveiled) And he points out that the Iraqi's had Zarqawi's Jordanian prison files! Of course there were no ties between Iraq and al Qaeda... and if you believe *that* I have this fine bridge for sale...
There really should be a clearinghouse just storing the links of individual analysis of each document then the interlinking fall out analysis between documents. So that any one link in the chain can then be seen to link up to other analysts and other viewpoints. Basically a complex inter-web of documents from source to first line analysis to meaningful analysis on the document and then meta-analysis between documents.

No idea how to set that up, but it sounds necessary.

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