25 March 2006

An Army of Translators - Joint Forces

Today the links are to some larger and more overall analysis of things after OIF and the documents gathered from it. Going to add as I find interesting items, and pick up where I leave off later. The most interesting things are from Stephen F. Hayes at The Weekly Standard and Joint Forces Command with a big hat tip to Powerline. So let us start:

  1. Camp Saddam at the Weekly Standard by Stephen F. Hayes looks at the terrorist training that went on under Saddam's regime. He reviews JFCOM documents and finds that Rep. Murtha's assertion that there was no terrorist linkage with Saddam to be incredible. Basically it is a bald-face lie by someone that should know better and who asserts it for political gain. Shame on Rep. Murtha for lying to the American People and he has dishonored his service and the entire military establishment to state such lies.
  2. Command releases JCOA-produced Iraqi perspectives report, which is just as it says from the folks at JFCOM. Excerpted directly from the report is the following list of things that should be of interest to all Americans (full report here):
Iraqi regime belief that Russia and France would act on behalf of their own economic interests in Iraq to block any UN Security Council actions to authorize an invasion.
Fedayeen Saddam planned for attacks in Europe (including London) and the Middle East
Saddam was more concerned about internal revolt than a coalition invasion; therefore bridges were not blown, oil fields were not torched, and the south was not flooded – all part of the inadequate and ineffective military planning done prior to the invasion.
Saddam and his inner circle believed their own propaganda
Chemical Ali was convinced Iraq no longer had WMD, but many colleagues never stopped believing in them.
• Years of UN sanctions and coalition bombing had reduced the military effectiveness and usefulness of the Iraqi military forces.
Military and ministry leaders lied to Saddam about the true state of their capabilities.
• Iraq military capability was also eroded by irrelevant guidance from the political leadership, creation of “popular” militias, prominent placement of Saddam relatives and sycophants in key leadership positions, and an onerous security apparatus.
The regime ordered the distribution of ammunition around the country to support a prolonged war with the coalition, but not to support the insurgency or a guerilla war.
Fascinating stuff, isn't it? Now for the idea that the regime was not a threat... well attacks in Europe and the Middle East may not have been much to the Left, but we will let them deal with that in their hearts. What it comes down to is a place micromanaged by Saddam to his own needs, playing all sides against each other and worrying that there might be an uprising as his military ability continued to erode. Mind you that was Saddam's worry, we had seen no evidence of such a situation brewing anywhere within Iraq before the war.

More on the Russian front as Captain's Quarters Blog takes a look at the things Mr. Putin has done to give a less than enamored appeal to the US.

  1. Putin plagarism, or lifting neat things from other people.
  2. Looking at the role of Russia in getting US battle plans and giving them to Saddam. Are you *sure* these guys are even kinda friendly to us?
  3. A previous look at the Russian plan passing, which is a bit more major than gas passing, although they do have their pipeline powerplays, too.
  4. And yet another previous posting doing the initial tying of Russia and Saddam via Iran. Did someone say IRAN? But they are such *peaceful* people...
Lorie Byrd at Polipundit passes on that the 9/11 Commission didn't *hear* about the 1995 reports of Saddam's regime and al Qaeda meeting up. And it might just change their mind on a few things... probably need another Commission to decide that, however.

Gateway Pundit puts up some of the Saddam era pictures... of prime note are Iraqi and Russian Defense ministers! Wheeee!! I'll buy that for a dollar!

Also at Gateway Pundit is the previous post on the Russian information passing, but with an update from Irish Pennants that ABC mis-reported the contents of one of Saddam's tapes! Ye, gods! Can someone give a knuckling to the heads of the producers at ABC? You would think they would learn not to try this sort of stuff...

Ray Robison to Paul Pillar: I TOLD YOU SO! Ouch! That is going to leave a mark... yes, more on the Saddam-Terrorism connections reported elsewhere. But Mr. Robinson does take his professional work seriously... a bit more than Mr. Pillar takes his...

AP believes that all of the documents laying out US Forces, their disposition and plans are just a few 'tips' from the Russians. Mr. Robison takes exception. Oooooo! I hope that one lasts on the AP, the brand of the idiot... The Triangle of the Dunce Cap with the Closed Eye at the Top.

Ok, putting this out now as lack of attention and energy are pulling me down. More if I am up to it later. Sorry for all spelling problems!

And Wretchard the Cat comes through at the Belmont Club! This posting on the Russian information looks at it and finds some interesting tidbits that start the dot connecting all on its lonesome. First and worst: how did the Russians KNOW that the 4ID was *not* going to be taking part when, at that time, Turkey gave every indication that it would let the US operate out of Turkey? DAMN! That is the juciest tidbit of linkage around... worse than the actual perfidity of the Russians, they had double-dealed behind everyone, convinced the Turks to play nice and then withdraw at the last moment when it would be too late to shift the 4ID!

Second and still bad: the planes in Jordan. Just *what* were the Russians worried about moving from Iraq to Syria that these planes could have interdicted? And why give them prominent position in the report to Saddam? Just what *was* moving from Iraq to Syria... so far only WMDs come to mind. Yes, folks, a real-live confirmation third-hand from the Russians. Not only were they involved, knew the stuff had to be moved, but worried about the US finding their role in it and shared that with Saddam.

[Apologies to Mr. Robison... mis-spelling is totally my fault and now being corrected!]

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