06 March 2006

My comment on "Family Free-Riders"

Given below is the text in full as I have posted it on this article:

To take out a broad brush and impugn without knowing each and every case is to sit in judgement of those that have made very personal decisions for very personal reasons. To further go and decide that such individuals that have been impugned are parasites, free-loaders and, in general, non-contributers to society is to paint with an extremely broad brush, indeed.

I honor my ancestors as best as I am able and must needs give what little I can to help others. My family and extended family I help as best I can, though now my means are very limited. These means are limited by the faulty flesh that houses me and I deem that even half my problems are not worth passing on to another generations via the way of my flesh. I do not nor ever had the energy to be promiscuous and so leave no progeny behind me. I do my level best as I am capable with what the flesh has left me to pass on things I think of value to future generations as best I can. I look around me and, as a whole, see no dearth of children and, indeed, a welcoming attitude towards those with families to come and take up the values of liberty and freedom.

In elden days I would take extreme umbrage and would let that wild beast of my forefathers have its way. I understand very well how, in a duel, Andrew Jackson would shoot a man clean through if they wasted their shot and expected same from him. In such days one who tarred indiscriminantly was expected to back up their accusations with their life. He protected the honor of his wife as he saw fit and to many it seems a brutal way.

I understood the problems that were likely to beset me and prepared *well* not to be a burden upon others. I expected different than what I got, but the preparations serve me well and I am no parasite though my flesh falters and takes some small part of my mind with it.

And now, to have that forethought, those plans and the thinking and acknowledgement of those plans to be disparaged so broadly by one unknowing... I wish for a few minutes to have better flesh than was bequeathed to me, to have the spirit and faith of my forefathers and mothers in Poland who know and value liberty, and to have the bear shirt and battle axe and strength of resolve of that other part of my family and let them speak through my flesh one last time, though in taking up such I would likely perish from its use.

And I would hope that the accuser would have the honor to stand so similarly and prepared to back up their words. And if they chose not to do so, then the thoughts and deeds of Mr. Jackson would remind me where honor lay.

We live in times when some peoples are broadly accusing others of being many dishonorable things. Our Constitution was laid upon foundations to give each their say, but that they own up to their responsibilities so that they understood the effects of what they say. And if the words are meant to incite, then one must bravely accept the repurcussions of them as words have meanings to many beyond the horizon that you see in these latter days.

If Shannon Love wishes to join the barbarians roasting cartoons, defiling territories of other people and generally giving cause for unrest and violence, then so be it. They, like Shannon Love, stand in judgement without knowing or caring of each that hears their words. There is but one end to that since we have removed the means and methods to enforce the belief of such words save upon the role of nations.

Disparagement is not free, nor never has been as it disquiets the discourse with vituperation and impertinance. To do so freely and to not acknowledge that one is degrading the fabric of society, a fabric set to give each individual their due in how they lead their lives with repsect to themselves and others, is to speak irresponsibly and to tear apart that which has been given to us as a gift from those before.

And in this case to those who ask if the question were to bring up a general problem, I would respond that that can be done without disparaging the choice of free people to exercise their rights and liberties and responsibilities. For that is what has been done upon me and I, for myself only, resent it bitterly and deeply.

I am sorry to any that I have I may have hurt with my feelings and such impertinance as I have responded with, save Shannon Love. That one may take them as is their wont.

Good day to all, save that one.

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