25 March 2006

From securing the border to the Jacksonian Party

Yes, intemperance yet again!

I am getting a bit on the fed-up side with all sorts of things un-Constitutional going on and really think that if you have diplomatic language to be adhered to... well, it should be adhered to! Silly me, I know. So, yet again, the fine Mr. Z at Bloviating Zeppelin has a topic of some interest on illegal immigrants 'rights' and other such things... so I gave it a start with the following comment:
[as always comments adapted where possible for spacing, but all spelling and other problems left as-is, so you can see the problems of the typist, namely myself]

Solution is simple: double wall. Outer is barbed wire fence with warnings that it is deadly and lethal to cross a border illegally. If you want to apply for some sort of sanctuary, visit an Embassy, that is why we *have* the damn things!

Second wall, steel re-inforced concrete, pilings 80' down spaced 3-5' apart on flat land. Razor wire at the top. Put sensors looking down and across the no-man's land. In large letters paint on it in a few languages 'YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED'.

Let the UCAV folks in the military have firing exercises into the that zone. Use lethal or non-lethal means depending on how We feel as a Nation. Freedom isn't free, but target practice is necessary for a Free Nation.

Rather this than a smuggled in chem/bio/nuclear device using narcotraffic tunnels.

Add geo-sensors for them. I hear folks in the southern states are *real* good at drilling holes... you never know *what* will be poured down them.

I have had it with Mexican troops coming over the border at will. Ditto their police. Ditto their criminal gangs. Ditto their narco-traffickers. If they would properly police it, this would not be a problem. They will not, so We must.

Unless Mexico is *really* looking for a War. Casus Belli abound in this, all from their side. Just take an average month with an incursion a week and that would be that. Give fair warning and no tolerance for *any* crossing save via legal means at controlled checkpoints.

As for those already here... find them, sentence them to a couple of years of wall building before sending them home. Get this job done with *very* cheap labor.
Now THAT is intemperate, isn't it?

The problem with the US is that we are currently a Zero Party state, and Mr. Z addresses that and how support for something like this could be garnered. So, when asked about my opinions on some things, though not all, I will give it. And so the dictionary is spilled, words flow and intemperance reigns supreme:

Mr. Z - It is true, the most PO'd by illegals are those who follow the laws and come here legally. Thinking that allowing illegals wins the hearts and minds of their legal brothers and sisters does not work for either party.

As to political will: 'Aye, there's the rub me lad!' What President Bush must come to realize is that his party is crumbling before his eyes: 1) his hard won appeal to the black and hispanic community is based on HIM not his party, 2) his party fears being called 'callous','cold-hearted' and 'cruel' for actually wanting to enforce the law, and 3) by not pushing hard against 'Sanctuary Cities' he is making the Union crumble.

The first and second actually go together. If Mr. Bush announces that illegal migration across the border will end and that NORTHCOM is being given the immediate sentry duty until a permanent wall is put in place and that all incursions by Mexican Federal military and police will be treated as armed invasion, the entire country would gasp. He could then lay out week after week of incidents or have Rumsfeld or Gonzalez do that for him. Let the people know that Presidente Fox knows of these and does nothing to stop them: so we WILL. For doing this and getting his damn party to actually stand *for* something he will get a large segment of the LEGAL immigrant community, galvanize the Jacksonians who will heartily applaud and let the left know that *compassion* is ruining the Nation and putting it at peril.

Back that up with an ultimatum to all Cities, Municipalities and Principalities that refuse to uphold Federal law and are trafficking in human beings, consorting with agents of foreign nations, making their own foreign policy... that they have 1 week to withdraw such and be considered lawful. If this is not done, such areas will also be handed over to NORTHCOM for interdiction, all traffick with the Union will stop and they will face being invaded and given regular, representative governments that understand what it means to live in a Republic.

That last will absolutely freeze the left as it is tantamount to calling such cities 'slavery zones'. And that is exactly what such declarations *are*. And once black folks realize that in those terms, they will be less than pleased with the supporters of such.

Congress is put in the indelicate position of either having to support the cohesion of the Union or not. How unfortunate.

Is this intemperate of me? Why yes, yes it is.

But the left is basically supporting the fall of the Union and making zones of illegal servitude with threat of law against leaving into areas of slavery.

Figure the Jacksonians make up about 30% of the electorate... you know, those folks who don't vote since the Democrats abandoned them in the 70's? And the Republicans haven't been able to figure them out in any which way, save for Reagan. Add in 10% or so for the legal immigrant population and their immediate kin. Put in about 2/3 of the Republican party, as the RHINO's will bolt and you have a ruling majority of 60%.

The other 40%? Well, some of the worse are looking down the barrels of M1 Abrams tanks and doing so from unlit cities with no sewer or water. Those that want to come back can swear an Oath to the Republic and abide by the division of powers that We The People put out in 1787.

The rest can join the illegals in building a wall and then being shipped off to the country of their choice.

I am, well and truly, fed up with them.

Very, very intemperate of me.

Once that is sorted out, handling Transnational Terrorism will be easy, and I don't think that the US will be seen as a 'weak horse' by anyone.

There, that should have chilled anyone who read it right down to their toes! But do you see how the demographics show up in that line? Crosses all the traditional two-party boundaries and is pro-Republic *without* being either Conservative or Liberal.

This is a Republic, not a do-it-yourself anarchic state. The left has been eroding away at this since the 1970's with the strange idea of 'people's ambassadors' to the USSR and such like. Now we have cities making their own damn foreign policy *and* making a form of slavery possible that is *not* a due process punishment.

I do hope this was not too much cold water for anyone. But this Nation is in a pickle both overseas and at home. A Republic can survive this and thrive. What we have right now, will not.

A Zero party state will not survive. Or, more correctly, it will once a city is depopulated or disappears off the map. And then things get very nasty, very quickly.

"A Republic, madam, if you can KEEP it." - Ben Franklin to a woman wondering what sort of Government has been born.

NOW can we get a party that actually *supports* the Republic? As in 'Defend the Constitution, keep the Union whole and safe, and hunt and kill those who are the sworn enemies of the People' kind or party?
Why a third party like that I could even vote *for*!

So there you have the basics. A party adhering strictly to the Constitution, defending it, keeping the Union whole, and hunting down those that attack us!

Domestic policy? That is IT! Prepare the long blades to cut off the excess limbs of Government: Dept of Agriculture, Education... Actually, lets just flip it around, we need: DoD, State, DoJ, CIA/NSA (although this needs reforming for non-Constitutional reasons), DHS needs to be broken down again as it is a useless bureaucracy, Human Services cut to the bone, USGS, Park Service and Bureau of Land Management, National Institutes of Health, CDC and one or two others. The rest? They all go. Social Security to keep the trust to those paid in, but the system ends for retirement. A residual system for catastrophic disabilities remains.

Economic policy? Flat tax. Business pays at the same rate as individuals. No exemptions. No write-offs. No charitable deductions. As businesses don't get to skip out, the entire rate for the nation goes down... way down. No taxation on earned interest or capital gains (hey, it got taxed once! get your mits off good investment decisions).

Foreign Policy? Be friendly and be a friend, be a foe and be treated coldly, attack us and we will kill you. I think the State Dept can remember that! Free trade zones with good and loyal friends. Yeah, you stuck by us for decades we help you lots! You kept faith with us while oppressed, we honor that and help you lots. Just kinda friendly, then you can pay for the fun of selling to us. Foes can take a hike.

The Jacksonian Party: spare, simple and easy to describe. Can't see a Congressional session lasting more than a month. Get it done and get out of town!

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