13 March 2006

To: Power Line, RE: The 'To Hell With Them' Hawks

Dear Power Line (et. al.),

You ask in your article:

"Lowry does not identify who the "to hell with them" hawks are. Whom is this essay about? Perhaps in writing the essay, Lowry found it easier to describe the tendency he discerns without engaging personalities and particulars. Nevertheless, the single most prominent conservative who answers to Lowry's description of the "to hell with them" hawks is National Review founder Bill Buckley. Other National Review personalities who answer to the description in one way or another are Jeffrey Hart, John Derbyshire and Andrew McCarthy. "
We are called Jacksonians and are no longer welcome in the Democratic party.

We do not believe in Wilsonian ideals, save after a war is won.

We do not believe that building up an arsenal of Democracy without a plan on what it is good for is a good idea.

We do not like having government poking into our lives and our actions and telling us what to do with all things personal.

We do not like defeatism.

Our country has been attacked and the President and Congress have both proven to have large deficeits in protecting this country.

When we hand powers to the government via the Constitution, we expect them to be used.

And when Our Republic is attacked, we expect a vigorous response that takes in all the enemies that put us at peril as a Nation.

Our trust and friendships with the Democrats is at an end, they have kept the wrong Jacksonians who think the only good red in their rainbow is Communist red.

We have not placed faith within the Republican party as they have shown no want to understand us and show us their seriousness in protecting the Republic.

In times of peace we are a 'go-along and get along' folk, that give honor and respect where it is due and in return for honor and respect given.

At war we have only ONE answer: kill the attacker, no matter how numerous they may be.

We believe in the Terrible Swift Sword of the Republic.

Our motto is: We did not start this fight, but we sure as HELL will end it.

And our answer to Republicans who thought they could abuse our trust because we helped to vote the only candidate in as President who had any idea of how to protect the Nation?

"To Hell With Them"

I hope this answers your question.

A Jacksonian
[minor spelling adjustments here and there from the original, I was intemperate in that, it seems]

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