07 March 2006

To Mr. Saraf and Mr. Panth, RE: Looking at 'Peace Studies'

Dear Mr. Saraf and Mr. Panth,

Thank you for giving this citizen insight into the way this 'elective' 'Peace Studies' course is being handled in your school district. Famously such courses believe that 'Peace' can only be waged is via protests, sit-ins and other such behavior and always end up asking: well how else can you do it?

There is another way that there be peace amongst Nations. War, in truth, is a last resort unless given Jus ad bellum or just cause for war via a Casus Belli. This doctrinal methodology for regulating when it is and is not allowable to use force in the interactions between nations is one that is quite old and regular amongst National States. This is a system of diplomacy, treaties and enforcement of same between Nation States so as to regularize relations between and amongst them. Thus such states have a means and methodology for defining when open warfare is necessary and 'Just'.

You may want to remind your teacher that until such time as a breach is given under Jus ad bellum that there is a regularization of interactions between Nation States. Further, if a Nation State does not want to interact with another such State, it may refuse Embassies so that there is no regularization between those states. So long as a State does not impede another State, with which it has no relations, in such things as commerce, trade or movement of peoples between Nations via regularized means, there may only be considered a tacit hostility but no open warfare between the States not having diplomatic relations cemented via Treaties.

There is an interesting state of affairs when Nations respect each other's rights, normalize them and enforce them via treaties, and do not impede each others free flow of traffic or commerce:


You may want to remind your instructor of this.

Keep up the good fight and do not let the idiots get you down.


A Jacksonian

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