17 March 2006

A thank you note, to Mr. Negroponte

Dear Mr. Negroponte,

You have my warmest thanks for showing that the trust of the Executive, Congress and the American People are respected by you and that you understand your duty is first to them. I do respect your concerns in the matter of this document release, but when one takes up duty and the Oath to swear to the Constitution for your works, adherence to that Oath is the only thing that allows you to work with honor and for you to gain respect from the People that you are doing your duty.

As one of those people who had done so in previous days, I thank you. Your action gives meaning to that Oath and that of every other Citizen who works for the Government of the People of the United States.

Now, if you could help crack down on some Oath-breakers in areas under your purview, you will find that not only will you be admired, but backed fully by the People of the United States. Those who put this country at risk for personal or political gain after swearing to uphold the Constitution deserve the harshest penalties that can be applied. For that is also your duty, to ensure that those whose work you oversee to not try to do damage to this Nation due to transient and fleeting goals of minor gain which imperil the Nation as a whole.

I thank you, Mr. Negroponte for giving meaning and force to your Oath and the highest respect for your misgivings but understanding that the decision was not yours to make. I could ask no other of anyone serving Our Nation.

My warmest thanks and regards for you and my hopes that you give your all to protect the Constitution and the Free People of the Republic of the United States.


A Jacksonian

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