30 March 2006

And John Boehner on Democratic Security Agend, Not So Fast, sir!

I do thank Mr. Z at Bloviating Zeppelin for brining Mr. Boehner's statement to light on the Democratic Security Agenda... and Mr. Boehner's attempt to pull a fast one. Not so fast with the finger pointing, sir.... and so I commented at Mr. Z's post on this:

And while Democrats dithered and try to Groupify and be oh, so noble about wanting to protect the illegals... the Republicans have done exactly *what* in Congress to help close the borders? Done exactly *what* when informed that the Executive has no more resources for the War on Terrorism? And then pack oodles of Pork into pet projects and dare to claim that there is no more money left for defending the nation or hunting down terrorists?

Although the Democrats have been a negative force, the Republicans have been a negligent force and has sought to denigrate an active Executive that has exercised his power only a bit below that of FDR, Truman and Eisenhower.

This is not about 'roving wiretaps'.
This is not about 'Real ID'.
And I haven't seen one bill seriously proposed on the Floor of either House for a VOTE that would address closing the borders.
And then don't get me started on the mess that they want to CONTINUE in New Orleans to repair a sinking city!

Mr. Boehner I have yet to hear you say one word about what Congress will do to actively shut down the supply of goods to terrorists. One single word. That is entirely under CONGRESSIONAL control. You have the Power that We The People have vested in you and you have abdicated your responsibility to PROTECT the American people and defeat her enemies.

The entire Nation is, indeed, watching Congress, Mr. Boehner.

And you are inviting the People to well and truly be disgusted with the lot of you.

If you folks like hearings so much, why don't you hold hearings with the County Sheriffs along the border to hear of the incursions of Mexican Federal Military and Federal Police into the US? Or doesn't National Sovereignty mean anything to you?

Democrats are actively tearing at the social fabric of the Republic and what are the Republicans doing? Anything?

"Mr. Boehner, telephone call."
"Who is it?"
"Planet Earth, sir."
"Never heard of 'em. Put 'em on hold."

Thank you for clearly showing us that both parties are now the parties of ineffective Big Government, Mr. Boehner.

Now we know exactly WHY the majority of Americans don't vote. It is less destructive than encouraging you... but even so both parties have well, and truly, messed things up badly.

I know why so many like me no longer vote: you have lost our trust and we are utterly disgusted with you and the two party necropathy that people like you have brought in. Democrats and Republicans both.

The Evil of Two Lessers. Just a question of which makes things worse faster. But both want to make things worse.
And so goes the commentary.

Why, no, I do not think the Republicans have done one whit more to protect the Nation from their comfy, cozy and oh, so safe Princely seats in Congress than have the Democrats. Both parties should be hanging their heads in shame at all the things they *could* be doing to help secure the country from its enemies, close the border to illegal incursions, close down the secessionist slavery cities, and, generally act like they were defending the Constitution and exercising the powers that We The People have vested in their institution.


Oh, yea and verily, both sides are full of gelatinous woolly masses that have no backbone and only know cowardice and abdication of duty. Not even the one member of either body or either side that I happen to *like* has done a damn thing. And so they all are putting We The People at peril.

But they will prattle on about irrelevent or dangerous ideas that they will call: 'securing the nation' (from being overweight and from poor health habits), 'keeping the tradition of marriage safe' (what, they want it done in LATIN again?), 'going after terrorist' (yes, the Democrats ONLY want Osama dead, the rest can do as they please! Well, thanks! I am sure Mr. Zarqawi will enjoy his reign as leading fixture in al Qaeda).

Today the Democrats finally wake up and think a TERRORIST MIGHT BE A PROBLEM!

And the Republicans think securing marriage is more important than SECURING THE BORDERS!

There is a reason Jacksonians are absolutely, positively disgusted and appalled at American politics and have been for the better part of 3 decades: Neither Party Knows How To Govern!

Reagan, at least, had a 'clue' and did the best he could, but even then there were major problems in not carrying his ideas forward. Probably too much of that Democratic heritage thinking Big Government might be *good* for something. Yes, I thought he was a nice guy, too idealistic and really wondering if he knew what he was doing, but on the re-election cycle I didn't vote for him as I knew damn well I didn't know enough about the entire situation to make a good choice. And I thank the American People for re-electing him!

More specifically I thank the Jacksonians who slapped the Democratic Party silly, for re-electing Ronald Reagan and for putting the first fissures in the Democratic Rule which was ruining the nation.

The Democrats want to re-run the late 1960's and early 1970's over and over and over again, but worse with each repeat.

The Republicans have turned out to think Big Government can do *good* and are damn well ruining the accountability structure of the nation to do that.

BOTH Parties are putting the nation at peril by not addressing the exterior threats to the Nation State system and the interior co-ordinated threats to the fabric of the Republic as a Nation State.

This nation is now a Zero Party Nation.

With One Party Rule you get Authoritarianism and Dictatorship, and no choice.

With Two Parties you get a viable Lesser of Two Evils choice that forces some things to get done but derails attempts at power grabs.

In a Zero Party system you can have two parties, but they offer no choices as they do not address the critical underpinnings of threats to the nation. In this case you get the Evil of Two Lessers! And no matter who wins, We The People lose.

You know, one of the reasons Jacksonians typically stand aside on debates and social issues and such is that, by and large, as long as regulations and forms are not being jammed down our throats and money lifted from our pockets, we are a 'go along, get along' sort of folk. We stood by the Democrats as the Party of Jackson and voted that way for over a hundred years. Generally we didn't mind their strange ideas on culture and such... until it besmirched the fine soldiers of Our Nation and left an ally and friend of this Nation to be eaten alive by wolves. A good many Jacksonians walked and have told their children that both parties are ignoble. The Democrats then wanted to change this Nation into some sort of Socialistic hybrid monster and more Jacksonians walked as we did not trust Socialism nor Communism and were dedicated to fighting it. In the 1980's the last major contingent started to straggle out and the Democrats are left with Zell Miller and Joe Lieberman on the National stage with their time almost done.

Those are the last two Democrats I hold in any respect and see Mr. Lieberman as the sort of too-starched but solidly based old Uncle. The one who doesn't like Rock 'n Roll, but understands Jazz. Mr. Miller walks with the Ghost of Old Hickory beside him and will keep that honor with that Party until doing so is unbearable, most likely. The rest of the Party has sailed Left and looks to be capsizing the entire affair.

I look at the Republicans and mislike what I see. I trust exactly ZERO of them in Congress. Mr. Bush at *least* figured out what the Executive should do to try and protect the Nation, but it is not enough and he will NOT beg for Congress to help. That saddens me, but when I look at the character of those in Congress I understand it and sympathize with it: because if he asked they would do NOTHING. And his party is the Majority in the damn Congress!

On the National stage for them all I can see are Mr. Giuliani and Ms. Rice. When NYC was hit during 9/11 the images of Rudi Giuliani doing what was necessary to protect his city was amazing. He did not even know if there was an *America* left, but he knew that by-god there would be a New York City! Remember that when you watch the videos of him: he could not *know* what was going on or how bad it was. And Condi Rice is demonstrating the quiet and forceful competence of someone who knows how to bring a bureaucratic system to heel and change it quickly. She speaks plainly for the Executive when she could be *nuancing* everything. But she KNOWS that is not how America speaks. And she doesn't want higher office, which in and of itself tells me she knows her limits and will seek help when reaching them. Forceful and modest. A damn powerful combination.

And none of those four can make it past the polarized primary system.

Wonderful... just wonderful... the Constitution isn't a suicide pact... but supporting these two parties is just that.

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