18 March 2006

An Army of Translators - The Gathering

And so it begins. The Army of Translators will start to give us the look inside a tyrannical government as its documents are released. The most chilling thing about the Third Reich was not its men or equipment... it was the train schedules with names and destinations... and the receiving documents used for processing. Case upon case of them. That is the face of horror.

(Not that I actually suggested anything like a Full-Spectrum Distributed Intelligence Community as a *better* idea... heaven forefend that Congress actually do something)

Thank you, Mr. Bray and the Boston Globe for this story. (h/t: Instapundit)

Thank you, to the brothers at Iraq the Model. (h/t: Roger L. Simon)

A belated and heartfelt thank you to CNS News. (h/t: Jeff Miller via Roger L. Simon)

Thank you, The Dread Pundit Bluto, for finding the 2002 picture of Zarqawi in the documents. (h/t: Michelle Malkin) And for this little gem to transfer Kuwaiti prisoners to be put in locations expected to be hit by Coalition forces, lovely guy the Qusai Hussein.

First day round-up ad The Dread Pundit Bluto:

An Army of Freepers (h/t: Michelle Malkin) hits the documents. Dan Rather had it *easy* compared to what will happen now.

Pajamas Media now regularizing some of this at its Iraq Files site.

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