27 March 2006

Why Moderate Muslims Don't Protest

Well, over at Caucasianally-Challenged-Christian the good host put up an interesting post on the lack of moderate Muslims doing anything to demonstrate some intestinal fortitude against their terrorist brothers. I did come in late on the scene, and someone tried to stand up for Socialism (of all things!) so I used that as a jumping off point. The poor language was under attack again, and I think I more or less rolled over an encyclopedia, mangled history and still managed to make a point. Or possibly not. Still, as in all my things of this sort, it is posted verbatim with all spelling errors left intact along with all slips and slides on logic slopes and mis-statements of history and broad generalizations and hand-waving and such like:

I find the founding concepts of Socialism to be wanting. By trying to match up 19th century objectivist thought with subjectivist economics and individualism the entire conception falls apart. Bad premises, faulty logic and no way to measure the subjective.

Islam has its own problems, suffering from starting as a minor Christian reform movement that could get no traction in the Mediterranean basin but by being able to fuse with a minor cult was able to put forth its own conception of religion using tribal conceptions. As there were so many that chronicled its leader at the start, it is no surprise that right after his death Islam split into multiple factions each with its own readings and interpretations of the Prophet. Through some amount of regularization the main words and themes were able to be put together, although some smaller sects with their own works still exist. That said, commonality of text does not ensure commonality of interpretation as any Christian can tell you. Plus, the barbaric tribalism and practices that fused with Islam became a potent mixture for subjugating other peoples over time.

And although Islam had a semi-golden era of civilization while Europe suffered through loss of infrastructure after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, those who followed Islam adapted to their conditions as their word spread. By the time of the Caliphate Islam suffered from chronic loss of outlook and became inward looking. As rulers degenerated over time, like happens in most Empires, the culture itself degenerated and stagnated until European nations made serious inroads into Islamic lands. Islam, itself, suffered from the exact same problem Christianity had when it arose: too many sects and too many 'doing their own thing'. When the orderliness of the Caliphate was destroyed, a few groups wanted to do a 'revival' of Islam. In fact they were doing a basic re-drafting of interpretation in ways never imagined when the words were originally spoken. When a most pernicious sect got fused together with an upwardly mobile clan in Arabia, there came state funding for 'fundamentalism'.

From that fusion terrorism and subjugation of other ways of Islam were the order of the day, which gets us to our present day. A few 'fundamentalist' Islamists are now fusing Transnational Progressivism with Terrorism to become Transnational Terrorism.

The Transnational Progressivists wish to replace individual identity with Group identity, and give Groups rights over mere individuals. They want to take the Socialist idea of classes and the Russian collectevist concept and make social collectivism their goal. Once done one Group, an elite, will rule over all other Groups. Transnational Terrorists want to be the ruling social Group over all other Groups and thus build off of the currents of the modern Left to destroy the Nation State and replace it with an Global Authoritarian State based on Groups. For Islamists there will only be one major social group and that is Islam. So moderates in Islam really have no need to want to speak out against their radical terrorists bretheren for, if those Terrorists win, they are part of the ruling social class. If they lose, then they still have individualist rights under Western conceptions of individualism.

See? That is why they don't protest. THEY WIN NO MATTER WHO LOSES.

Of course, Jacksonians look askance at this.

And there endith the verbiage!

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