14 March 2006

To: John Podhoretz, RE: When Hawks Run

Dear Mr. Podhoretz,

With interest I read your column today as it was referred to by the Good Gentlemen at Power Line as it follows along an idea that is being given out to the public by the media. I sent them a missive, which I have posted publicly and will do the same with you on this note. It seems that certain portions of the media and 'conservatives' enjoy slicing and dicing the 'conservative' movement into tiny bits with little titles before them: Neo-, Paleo-, Traditional, Old School, and, lately, Crunchy (as, one supposes, soft or chewy or having a caramel center). And when all is said and done and the 'conservatives' are minced to a fare thee well, there is still a mass of the American population that remains steadfastly ignored by both parties as we defy such terms or, indeed, liberal and conservative.

As I pointed out to the Gentlemen at Power Line, this mass, which accounts vary as to size but may be up to 1/3 of the US population, has a name:


You may wish to use a search engine of your preference and type that in with some modifier such as politics, policy, viewpoint, etc. You may or may not like what you find therein.

At one time We supported the Democrats as they were a rambunctious group and offered help to those that sought to build a nation. And while they pulled in all sorts of other noxious people, so long as they stood to Defend the Republic, Jacksonians did not mind overmuch on social policies and the such. However, foolishness set into that party and of late they have followed another Jackson, whose rainbow color of preference for Red is that of Communism, not the Red of American blood spilled to keep this country free.

Jacksonians supported Mr. Reagan which was a large shift in the South of this nation and never properly understood by either party. Our ties were fully cut under Mr. Clinton and Jacksonians have had no home in either party and, generally, have become disgusted with both. When this Nation was attacked on 9/11, the President stood up to defend and take down the immediate problem. He proceeded to start defining some of the real mess that had been left in the world and think in slightly different avenues. And as Jacksonians, by and large, saw him standing for the Nation, he gained some measure of that support.

The Republican party thought that they could, however, reneg on their promises for smaller and more circumscribed government and curb its rapacious tendencies to want the hard earned money of the American people. Unfortunately, they became swayed with the idea that Big Government could be used for 'Good'. We had left the Democratic party when they fell under that hypnotic trance and now find ourselves doing so with the Republicans.

What is beyond belief by Jacksonians is that the real threat of Transnational Terrorism, beyond *just* al Qaeda and similar Islamic Totalitarian organizations has never been properly called out for what it is. Further, when we hear our Representatives and Senators asking, "What is the role of Congress in war?", then we have realized that sheep have been elected into that body and not Citizens willing to put forth the good fight to save All of us in this nation and all of Our friends and allies in other Nations.

We now walk away from the Republicans and the Democrats have drifted so far away as that we cannot in good conscience give them any support again. Jacksonians stand by the ideals that are embodied in the compact between We The People, which is the Constitution and the Republic it stands for.

As a lone citizen who finds himself with only one label that properly fits, as it describes a broad idea but has definable ends, I must needs define myself as A Jacksonian. Independent of liberal or conservative leanings on a personal level, I stand with all of those who seek to defend this Nation and take the fight to the ends of this planet so that the Barbarians known as Terrorist may be extinguished as a 'good idea' to some few.

I have defined some terms in by blog, and you may be interested in reading how someone such as myself sees a different way to approach the Global War on Transnational Terrorism. Of the largest part of this, however, is a direct address to all of the members of the current Congress who dither about while our enemies regather and prepare to assault all of Us who hold liberty dear.

To these members of Congress who do not know what their powers are in warfare, may I humbly suggest that if you cannot be bothered to read and understand the document and the meanings within it that you are sworn to uphold then you are either illiterate, stupid or running from your Powers which We The People have given you. If the first, then I suggest you get someone to teach you to read. If truly stupid, and I cannot discount this, then may I suggest that the next time you stand up your lack of understanding in the role of Congress in warfare that you put a dunce cap upon your head? And if you are of the third and run from your powers, then you are a coward and sheep and no friend to the United States.

I will vote for none of them so long as they keep to the wool and bleat in the night.

I have put forth my ideas on how to properly address the war by fully engaging the American People.

To the Left in America who complain that the people of this country have not been asked to sacrifice: do look in the mirror and understand that we will sacrifice if we see that our leaders stand For this Country and the beliefs and ideals it holds, and is willing to allow We The People to exercise our diverse talents to bring our enemies down. I know these ideas be foreign to the Left, for you cannot conceive of a Free People actually willing to sacrifice themselves in ways other than you define. As Queen Victoria said: "How Unfortunate."

To the various members of the Right and minced up conservatives who do not even bother to try and understand us: You will gain our friendship ONLY through understanding us and offering us the chance to do the hard work and sacrifice that is necessary to save this country and, incidentally, everyone else who dreams of being free. We are not Wilsonians, save that once done with a fight we extend our hand in friendship and *help* those that have been downtrodden and give them a chance to build their lives free of tyranny. If they wish to continue such friendship, then we will stand shoulder to shoulder with them as friends. And if they wish to be other, then we will understand and walk from them just as we have walked from YOU.

Jacksonians are looking askance at the two party system, Mr. Podhoretz. We abhor what the Democrats have become and we are disdainful of the broken promises of the Republicans. We are that non-voting mass that sees no good people being put forth to represent us in either party. Neither of them has shown the fortitude to state what faces all Free peoples on this planet nor to say that they will vigorously pursue these sworn enemies until they either become civilized and take the normal route of National revolution in their homelands or, as is traditional with Barbarians, killed. Killed to the last one of them.

We believe in the Terrible Swift Sword of the Republic.

Our motto is and has ever been: We did not start this fight, but we sure as HELL will end it.

We would prefer that All of the Powers of the Republic be put forth NOW, while we can still properly find and excise this cancer growing between nations so that many may be saved. For if the day comes when an American city is depopulated or destroyed, that Terrible Swift Sword will give rise to the Light of dawn brought down thousands of times upon this world burning with the light of Freedom.

And THAT light is the one of death and cauterizing.

Jacksonians will do that if needs be. We prefer to use our talents to not be put into that spot. To do that Congress must understand their powers and the problems of them and unleash the American people with the old tools that we have provided within the Constitution.

As has been said in latter days by some few: We are a pack, not a herd.

I will not vote for any of the sheep again.

We are an Army of Davids.

And if we seem to be moving away from the political parties, it is because We stand by the Republic and they drift away.


A Jacksonian

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